Why Grey's Anatomy Fans Should Be Worried About The Season Finale

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Just when Grey's Anatomy fans thought it was safe to relax, they've got something to worry about. Early indicators from cast and crew say the Season 13 finale is going to be intense. So what can we expect this season? Will we be losing a major character, or will some giant crisis strike the area and push the entire hospital to its limit? Actress Kelly McCreary shares a bit of what fans can expect, saying:

It's a great big event that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats. It really is shocking. There were so many gasps of horror and surprise at the table read. It was delicious. It was just so much fun. You should be worried about everybody. It is an event that affects everyone in the hospital.

It's hard to say exactly what to be worried about with 6 episodes left in Season 13, so what could it be? An event that affects everyone sounds like some sort of disaster striking the hospital, but early reports have indicated that wasn't where Grey's Anatomy will be headed this season. Right now one of the biggest mysteries in the show is Dr. Jo Wilson and her abusive mystery husband, could that be it?

With the series introducing an actual villain for the first time, you have to assume he will be the cause for the shock and horror Kelly McCreary told EW about. While there still hasn't been any explicit confirmation, all signs point to former Glee star Matthew Morrison joining the series as Dr. Paul Stadler aka Jo's crazy husband. The casting call for the role Morrison is believed to play was described as a male with a "manipulative, scary dark side" which is a far cry from Morrison's past role as Will Schuester. With Dr. Stadler's debut on the show imminent, expect him to be involved in the season finale drama.

As Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy heads towards its shocking conclusion, the action is heating up. Maggie just lost her mom in an emotional episode that was the first episode be directed by star Ellen Pompeo. The episode did well in the ratings after competitor The Big Bang Theory hit a series low in their key demographic. While the series didn't pass up the rating's giant, it's a positive step for a show that's still going strong after 13 seasons. If Grey's keeps performing like that, our grandchildren will be watching this show.

Maybe I should save that commentary for after we see that "shocking" finale we should all be worried about. Grey's Anatomy is all new this Thursday at 8 p.m. ET. Be sure to tune in as we head down the homestretch or visit our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule if you're looking for something new to get into.

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