Grey's Anatomy Is Introducing An Actual Villain Soon

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Having a long running television series is a tricky beast. Because so often we've seen shows get stale at around Season 4 or 5, followed by the failed attempts to recover, and then the series ending disappointingly. The challenge to keep things fresh and organic is surely one that the folks behind Grey's Anatomy feel, as the ABC medical drama is now halfway through its 13th season. Considering we've seen just about every medical miracle and sex scene imaginable, how will Grey's continue to keep its many viewer entertained? Well, by introducing a new type of character we're not really familiar with: a bonafide villain.

TV Line's Michael Ausiello gets sneak peek into most network shows, and Grey's Anatomy is no exception. They recently revealed that Grey's is in the midst of casting a new character who will be a villain in the coming episodes. While the actor will be attractive and charming male, he'll also have a "manipulative, scary dark side" as well. While the casting of a villain is common practice for shows like The Flash and How To Get Away With Murder, Grey's doesn't usually go the villain route.

While Grey's Anatomy is chock full of difficult characters (I mean, they are all brilliant surgeons after all), Shonda Rhimes and company has always managed to humanize its psuedo villains. Alex's gruff exterior hides a heart of gold and childhood trauma, Erica Hahn had a strong sense of morality, and Addison eventually got her own spinoff. The only real villain was Hospital Shooter Gary Clark, although even his pain was palpable for the audience.

Alas, Grey's Anatomy is going to give us a full on villain, which should make for some delicious drama. Much of Season 13 has been revolving around infighting within Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, so having a common enemy for the surgeons to unite against sounds like a welcomed change. Right now the only enemy the surgeons currently have is Eliza, all she's trying to do is make the surgeons better teachers. And maybe take Arizona out on a date.

With the exciting news that Grey's Anatomy is welcoming a real villain into the ensemble, the question is: who the hell is this guy going to be? Smart money says that this will likely be Jo's abusive husband. Grey's fans got a major shocker when learning that series regular Jo Wilson was actually married, and using an alias in order to avoid her abusive husband. While this is puzzling in regards to background checks (especially for a hospital that already suffered a shooter), but I guess we'll just suspend our disbelief. Jo actress Camilla Luddington has hinted that her character's husband is coming onto the show eventually, and it seems unlikely that he'll be redeemed into anything other than a villain.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC.

Corey Chichizola
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