Watch One Of The Worst Wheel Of Fortune Guesses That Could Ever Happen

I'm not sure how anyone can mess up this bad at anything, but a clip from a couples edition of Wheel Of Fortune is going viral after a contestant made one of the worst guesses to a puzzle I've ever seen in my life, which is pretty hard to do at this point. Watch and cringe below:

Bless Melinda's heart, I almost feel bad for her. First she had to shake off the fact she just said that in front of a live audience on television, and now she's going viral on Twitter and more! Then again, it's really hard to imagine what was going on in her head when she came to conclusion that "popsicle bike" was what Pat Sajak and the Wheel Of Fortune team were looking for. The category is "Living Things," and last I checked, neither bicycles nor popsicles are living things. Watch it again just for Sajak, who looks like that's the worst answer he's heard in decades of hosting the show. Vanna White takes it on the chin like nothing happened, although I never know how much she pays attention to things while over in her word corner.

You can't be too hard on Melinda, however, as stupid answers on afternoon game shows seem to emerge every week on the internet. In fact, just two weeks ago we wrote about a guy who had just about as big of a fail on Wheel Of Fortune, and I'm sure he's thanking the stars today for Larry and Melinda, although I did see he recently redeemed himself for his blunder on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, so maybe Melinda will get a chance to explain a popsicle bike to the world? Until then, she'll have to take her lumps as Twitter is having a field day with her response. Thankfully, no one is getting too nasty with poor Melinda and Larry.

I think this Wheel Of Fortune fail is going to be hard to top, but the human race rarely disappoints. We'll be sure to bring you the next game show fail when it happens, and until then, there are so many great shows returning right now that I'm not sure how any of you are able to dedicate your spare time to anything else. Keep in the loop with all the new shows by checking out our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule.

Mick Joest
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