The Path Renewed For Season 3 At Hulu

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(Image credit: Photo courtesy of Hulu)
(Image credit: Photo courtesy of Hulu)

Though most people may think of Netflix when asked about the best original streaming series, Hulu has been doing a damned fine job of building its reputation in the world of scripted dramas. It's proven best in the wildly addictive and suspenseful The Path, led by the powerhouse trio of Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan and Hugh Dancy. And Hulu's powers-that-be know not to let a good thing go, as The Path has been renewed for Season 3 on the very day that Season 2 is ending.

The Path's Season 2 finale was released in the early Wednesday morning hours, and dedicated viewers who watched immediately -- myself included -- were left wondering how life could possibly go on without another season to follow, and Hulu has graciously already answered those desperate pleas for more. We definitely can't knock the timing of this Season 3 renewal, since Hulu was clearly making some strategic decisions with that announcement. Of course, I would have cheered for more of The Path's quasi-religious twists and turns no matter when the announcement came.

Understandably, creator Jessica Goldberg likely hasn't done much writing for Season 3 just yet (though the ideas are presumably numerous), so there aren't any meaty details about what fans can expect. One notable detail, however, is that Season 3 will get 13 episodes to further the Meyerists' complications, implying Hulu's execs liked how things played out with Season 2 getting that three-ep bump up from the premiere season. Sure, it means another year of even more of that douche Russell, but there's always the chance that he could die!

The Path serves as Aaron Paul's Breaking Bad follow-up, Michelle Monaghan's True Detective follow-up and Hugh Dancy's Hannibal follow-up, and it somehow stands up next to all three of those acclaimed shows. The drama centers on a community of seemingly charitable and good-natured people called the Meyerist movement, which has a whole host of seedy incidents in its decades-long history. Season 1 followed the fracture of the relationships between Eddie and Sarah Lane (Paul and Monaghan) and Cal Roberts (Dancy) as the movement's much ballyhooed leader falls ill, while Season 2 explores the consequences of everyone's earlier decisions. And not to get spoilery, but Season 2 ended in such a way that will only lead to more dark and ill-formed decisions from Cal and his dedicated flock.

Just as a reminder, if you didn't realize it already, you can currently catch the entirety of Season 1 and Season 2 of The Path streaming on Hulu (opens in new tab) right now. And for everything else currently set to debut or return to the small screen in the near future, head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer TV guide.

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