As people are chowing down on Easter candy and celebrating another season of baseball, many TV fans are waiting patiently to for all the big networks to make final decisions for all the shows that have yet to be rewarded with a renewal or walloped with a cancellation. Considering how many successful shows out there have already earned renewal announcements, almost everything that's left is targeted for a small screen exile. (Get the full rundown here.)

Here are 13 network series -- big, small, old and new -- that are in major danger of getting axed right off our TVs, for one reason or another. As it always goes, fans should keep the faith and make that fandom known far and wide, so that execs realize how dedicated the viewerships are. Just, you know, don't be surprised if those efforts are too late.

New Girl

After six years of romances, friendships, apartment-based shenanigans and more, the characters of New Girl reached different levels of catharsis in the Season 6 finale, with big life changes coming to Jess, Nick, Cece, Schmidt and Winston. (Not to mention Schmidt's first name recently getting revealed.) But while many fans were pumped to see all that happen, that fanbase is only a fraction of its former size, and many have vocalized how content they'd be if the show ended on that happy note. It's rare for a TV series to cap things off in a way that respects and pleases both the characters and the audiences, so maybe New Girl would be best to hang it up.

Imaginary Mary

Almost every year, there's one network series that seems to be plagued with invisible albatrosses, and this year's prizewinner is the ABC comedy Imaginary Mary. Intrinsically a comeback vehicle for TV familiar Jenna Elfman, the quirk-driven show (that's kind of like a watered-down Drop Dead Fred with CGI) was pushed from a fall premiere to a late midseason debut, while also getting its episode order slashed in the process. Despite having Goldbergs creator Adam F. Goldberg as one of the brains behind it, Imaginary Mary was largely panned by critics and audiences when it debuted, and though it's only been a few weeks, the numbers have already started trickling down.


When ABC debuted Quantico, it looked like the network had found its next twisty thriller to complement the network's TGIT and Wednesday comedy lineups. Unfortunately, the Priyanka Chopra-starring series quickly began losing steam as its timeline-flipping narrative became too much for viewers. Due to tanking ratings in Season 2, ABC moved Quantico from Sunday nights to Monday nights, and the adjustment did bring about an uptick in viewers...but only for about two weeks, and the numbers are back down to around 2.5 million viewers for Live+Same Day. It'd be one thing if the demo rating was impressive, but Quantico hasn't earned anything as high as a 1.0 rating since this season's second episode.

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