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Jessica Lange as Fiona Goode In AHS: Coven

There are a few TV shows that are at the front of the pop culture lexicon. Ryan Murphy's projects on FX are among them, especially his horror anthology series American Horror Story. Murphy's themes for the next few seasons have already been planned, and the fandom is especially excited about the Coven/Murder House crossover season that's coming presumably around Season 8. But with characters from two of the most popular seasons returning, how exactly can it be done without the incomparable Jessica Lange? Murphy isn't so sure, so he is going to try his best to get the legend back on AHS.

Ryan Murphy recently spoke to TV Guide about this highly anticipated crossover season, where he revealed his plan to lure Jessica Lange back into the fold. With money.

I think she would if I bribed her enough, you know? I haven't really talked to her about it at all because we are still figuring out that story, but I think we do want to do that.

Well, that's refreshingly honest. It's true what they say: you can throw money at any problem. Even getting a legendary actress to return to the series she left after its fourth season.

Honestly, it does seem logical that Jessica Lange would return for at least a few appearances in the Coven/Murder House season. Because while she may have left American Horror Story behind her, she's still working very closely with both Ryan Murphy and FX. You can currently catch Lange playing Joan Crawford opposite Susan Sarandon in Feud. Still irreverent and extremely Murphy-esque, Feud presented a change of pace for Lange, rather than a split from the production company. So the right script and paycheck should be able to woo her back to her roots.

If Jessica Lange does return, it should be interesting to see which of her characters end up with the most time on our TV. Smart money is on Constance from Murder House, especially since she was basically the only character to survive the season. While she departed from Los Angeles and the titular house, her adopted son Michael just can't stop killing people. She could really show up anywhere.

Fiona Goode from Coven, however, would only be able to be apart of the series through flashbacks, dream sequences, or if the season is set before the events of Coven. We all know that Fiona (finally) died in the finale episode, allowing her daughter Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) to take her place as the next Supreme. The last we saw of Fiona she was in her own version of hell, thanks to Papa Legba. It's just her and The Axeman for all eternity, in a crappy little shack with no magical abilities.

Alas, we'll just have to wait and see how it all shakes down. Season 7 will run next year before any Coven/Murder House one can occur, so it's going to take some patience.

You can currently catch Feud on FX. To plan your next binge watch, check out our summer premiere list.

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