First Look At Netflix's New True Crime Series The Keepers Is More Chilling Than Making A Murderer

If you thought the story behind Making A Murderer was dark and creepy, you're right. But this new show could potentially to blow it out of the water. Netflix has a new true-crime series called The Keepers that puts a murdered nun, the Catholic church, and the citizens of Baltimore all in the spotlight in a still-unsolved mystery that almost sounds too crazy to be believed. Take a look at the first trailer and continue on below.

While the story of Sister Cathy Cesnik in The Keepers may be fresh to the majority of Netflix viewers, the murder remains a relatively high-profile mystery to this day in Baltimore. Cesnik was a drama and English teacher at Archbishop Keough school in the 1960's who was found murdered on the outer limits of Baltimore in 1969. As the trailer states, there is an official record of what is known about the death of Sr. Cesnik, but there's also a different story that folks have been working to uncover ever since. The Keepers will look to tell that alternate story when it premieres its seven-part docuseries in May, and that will hopefully lead to more answers regarding the mystery behind the brutal and thoughtless murder of a well-liked member of the community.

Those answers will likely dig up some less than savory truths regarding the Catholic church in Baltimore, as one popular belief is that Sister Cathy Cesnik was murdered to protect that secrecy of an underage molestation ring within the school she taught at. Decades after the murder, former women students came forward with allegations pointing to a specific employee at the school, saying he sexually abused them and other students attending the school. In total, various reports say there are around 50 alleged victims from around the time before and after Sr. Cesnik's death, although the trailer alludes to a number closer to 100. The Keepers producers appear to have more information about these claims, and may present more evidence that could potentially lead to the Baltimore police department finally closing the nearly 50-year-old murder case. The school Cesnik taught at, Archbishop Keough, merged with another high school in 1988 and is now set for closure this June.

Expect morbid curiosity and sadness to run high as Netflix jumps into the world of The Keepers on Friday, May 19th, at 12:01 a.m. PT. Those with an arguably unhealthy interest in true crime dramas like Making A Murderer should be sure to mark this series down on their calendar as it looks like a crazy story that needs to be heard. There's also a lot of other interesting true crime shows on the horizon that are worth checking out so make sure to visit both our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule to keep track of all television has to offer.

Mick Joest
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