How Netflix Is Filling The True Crime Void Until Making A Murderer Season 2

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While there was a lot to get pumped about when Netflix first announced Making a Murderer was becoming a thing, it's hard to believe anyone could have predicted how wildly popular the show would be. Fans have been waiting patiently for movement on Season 2, and Netflix is looking to sate everyone's true crime interests by ordering up a docu-series that will center on a mysterious and still-unsolved death from almost 50 years ago. This new project will have the creepier and much less on-the-nose title The Keepers.

You may be somewhat familiar with the mystery at the center of The Keepers, as it made the national rounds back in 2015 after a Huffington Post story reinvigorated interest in the cold case. Here is the CliffsNotes version, as not to go too hard on details before everyone can binge-watch. Back in 1969, a popular and well-respected 26-year-old nun named Sister Cathy Cesnik went out to go shopping in Baltimore and she vanished. Her body was found a week later, but that discovery went unreported, and Cesnik's body then went two months before being officially found by hunters in a dump outside of town. There were signs of violence, and it was determined she was murdered, but no one was ever charged.

Across seven episodes, The Keepers will delve deeper into the life of Cathy Cesnik in a broad way, according to People. As well, it will put a spotlight on some of Baltimore's darker secrets, which may have played a part in her initial disappearance and eventual murder. Ryan White, the documentarian who helmed Serena and The Case Against 8, will be behind it, and he's no doubt hoping this case will experience the same kind of legal attention that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey's trails did when Making a Murderer was released.

As depressing as the subject matter obviously is, it should be plainly obvious why Netflix believes its millions of subscribers will be interested in discovering more about Sister Cathy Cesnik. This murder took place long before the central crimes at the head of Making a Murderer, but it also has a committed group of people determined to find the truth and bring justice to the slain nun. The case definitely hasn't sat gathering dust over the years, and has been reopened a time or two when new evidence has surfaced by way of new witness testimonials and updated persons of interest.

Netflix also hasn't left its true crime customers high and dry in the time since Making a Murderer debuted. We've gotten to watch the controversial Amanda Knox case get explored with an original documentary feature, and a handful of harrowing kidnapping cases were the focus of the docu-series Captive. But The Keepers will be the first season-length look at a real-life crime since Murderer started making headlines.

No time table is set at this point for when Netflix might bring The Keepers to audiences, but a trailer is reportedly dropping this week, so a release date may come forth soon. In the meantime, head to our Netflix 2017 schedule to see everything the streaming giant has going this year, and then check out our midseason TV guide and our summer premiere schedule to see everything else the small screen has to offer.

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