When The Flash May Finally Show Killer Frost And Vibe's Big Fight

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Team Flash has gotten a whole lot more sinister in The Flash Season 3 thanks to the aftereffects of Barry's Flashpoint shenanigans that turned Caitlin Snow into a metahuman whose powers push her toward darkness. Caitlin has done her best to avoid using her powers and therefore prevent herself from ever becoming Killer Frost, but the transformation has happened nonetheless. Now, we have an idea of when Cisco will face off against his pal Caitlin and give us the epic Killer Frost v. Vibe fight we've been waiting for.

A description Episode 20 of Season 3 - titled "I Know Who You Are" - indicates that Killer Frost will be actively working against Team Flash. The good guys will be trying to work with newcomer Tracy Brand (played by Anne Dudek of House fame) to stop Savitar, but Killer Frost will be chasing Tracy for her own ends. Caitlin's friends have no choice but to face her in battle. Cisco will have a hard time working himself up to fighting against her, but I think we can guess what will happen if Cisco has to choose between protecting Killer Frost and protecting the lives of innocent civilians. I'm sensing a major showdown happening by the end of the episode.

We've known for a while that Cisco and Caitlin were probably going to be enemies at some point in Season 3. Way back in the first half of the season, Caitlin asked Cisco to use his powers to look into her future and discover whether her powers truly would turn her into Killer Frost. Cisco found that she would indeed become Killer Frost, but he chose not to tell her the truth because he knew she would leave Central City and Team Flash behind. It was too big of a plot twist for The Flash to abandon entirely, so the odds were pretty good that the two pals would be majorly at odds.

Of course, Cisco's Vibe vision only showed the showdown with Caitlin; it didn't necessarily reveal that Caitlin was the evil one in the mix. It was entirely possible that Vibe had gone dark. That said, when Barry and Cisco went to the future to figure out a way to try and prevent Savitar from killing Iris, they spotted a news headline indicating that Killer Frost would be at large in Central City sometime before the season finale. Sorry, Caitlin.

Given the clues that a member of Team Flash might not survive the end of Season 3, we can only hope that one of the friends won't have to kill the other. That would be a pretty dark turn for The Flash, and it would be a tragedy that would linger at least into Season 4. We'll have to wait and see.

The Flash is currently on a short break, but it will be back on the airwaves on Tuesday, April 25 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Check out our midseason TV premiere guide and our summer TV premiere schedule for a look at all your other viewing options, and don't forget to drop by our 2017 rundown of TV renewals and cancellations. If streaming is more your style, our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule should have all the info you need.

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