When most of us think of kids' TV shows, we probably think of series filled with mostly innocent adventures and lessons about life, with maybe a handful of adult jokes thrown in for the parents watching. Still, there are some TV shows that have aired on networks devoted to kids' programming that got surprisingly dark and probably fueled the nightmares of youngsters everywhere. In fact, some of us might have to wonder what kind of people we would have become if we'd watched lighter shows as kids. Plenty of the darkest series on Nickelodeon, and we've picked out eight that were way darker than they should have been. Check them out!


There is something fundamentally creepy about a show following the adventures of a bunch of babies who can talk and reason and concoct plots, and Rugrats didn't hold back from getting pretty dark. Sure, we got classic shenanigans like the Reptar On Ice tale, but we also got terrifying dream sequences and fantasies. Judging by some of the teases, I don't even want to think about what Grandpa Lou got up to in his alone time. Then, there's what happened to Chuckie's mom. Oh, poor, poor Chuckie. Why was the world so cruel to you so early in life?

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