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Will Norman Reedus And More Return For The Boondock Saints TV Show?

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Just last week, everyone's televisions got ready for lots of bullets, blood and badassery when it was announced the fan-favorite Boondock Saints film franchise is making a jump to the small screen soon. We know that creator Troy Duffy is back, and that the producers set up a snazzy fan-driven campaign with lots of exclusives. But something fans have been extremely anxious to learn is whether or not the two features' stars Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery will reprise their roles for the small screen. And now we know. According to the production team:

Similar to how the Batman franchise has multiple versions and iterations of the caped crusader, if the 1st and 2nd film were the equivalent of Tim Burton's version of Batman with Michael Keaton, The Boondock Saints: Origins will be its own stand-alone reboot of the franchise. The Christopher Nolan with Christian Bale version, if you will pardon the analogy. Norman and Sean absolutely will be back for the 3rd film and are aware of this television reboot of the brand. And who knows... maybe they pop by from time to time in the TV Series. Sometimes, good things do come on small(er) screens.

I think the biggest question we have there is: is Norman Reedus' Murphy McManus supposed to be Batman in this scenario, or is it Sean Patrick Flanery's Connor McManus? In any case, we're more than jazzed to hear that there's a possibility that they could show up in the TV show, especially since the long-awaited third film is definitely happening. Granted, it sounds like Boondock Saints: Origins will follow a new vigilante or pair of vigilantes, with Murphy and Conner possibly only showing up for an episode or two when needed. Or maybe every episode, since we're all about wishful thinking. Or prayer-ful thinking, as it were.

Sean Patrick Flanery's last TV role was for Dexter in 2013, so he'd definitely be welcomed, but he's been quite active on the feature front. And I think we all know that Norman Reedus has a little show called The Walking Dead to deal with, so it's understandable that he can't make a large commitment to Boondock Saints: Origins, but we'll definitely take whatever appearances we can get. And if they can find a way to get Billy Connelly's Poppa involved, that's all the better.

boondock saints II

A concept that's been in the cards for a while, Boondock Saints: Origins is being used as a stepping stone of sorts to reach The Boondock Saints III. The Boondocks Back website gives fans a large assortment of ways to offer financial support for the TV show, in return for some swanky prizes. The project doesn't have a network set up yet, and this campaign is being used as a pre-sales strategy to make it as good as possible before reaching out to the outside world. Tiers do get pricey, mind you, but donors will be able to own and watch Boondock Saints: Origins on Blu-ray long before it actually airs on TV or streaming, which is awesome. As well, you can gain access to the special St. Patrick's Day green carpet premiere, as well as a ton of other merch yet to be announced.

And if all of this makes you want to spout out a bunch of four-letter words with glee -- and "glee" isn't one of the four letter words - the production team wants fans to know that the hyper-mature content that the films delivered will not be sacrificed for TV.

We anticipated this would be a concern for several of you. We want to fucking swear all we goddamn fuckin' want and we know you're worried and would in fact prefer we fucking swear all the fuckin' time. So if you want all the fuckin' bodies dropping (think Fargo Season Two's body count times 2), and for us to maintain the same brothers' Irish charm you adore and love from the films, fuckin' pony up so we don't have to fuckin' sell out and tone this shit down. This is for you guys first and fucking foremost. So keep giving us your two cents and fucking opinions so we can make this the way you want it and not have to go to the broadcasters first.

No timetable is set in stone for when Boondock Saints: Origins will make its way to fans, but we all know how to make it happen. Head to and find the tier you want, and then head to the next page to watch the brand new teaser for the series. And when you're done with all that, head to our summer TV schedule to see everything that's definitely coming to the small screen soon.

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