The Boondock Saints Is Getting The TV Treatment

Norman Reedus in Boondock Saints

The Boondock Saints are coming back to us, and this time, they're taking over television. The world will once again be treated to the adventures of Connor and Murphy MacManus, who first found fame when their first adventure of ridding Boston of crime became a hit at the box office. If you've seen the sequel, you'll remember the MacManus boys are in prison, so where does this new television series find them?

Not much information has been given about The Boondock Saints: Origins, but the title alone seems to indicate it's a prequel. Creator and director of The Boondock Saints Troy Duffy is attached to the project and is teaming up with Don Carmody Television to bring this new series to life. The announcement of the show comes without a network attachment, but instead, the launch of a very pricey box set going for $597.77. The box set promises to give fans the entire series ahead of its airing on television or streaming as well as provide a tie-in to the show.

Troy Duffy teases the box's relevance to the McManus brothers in their video promoting the campaign, which encourages fans to pre-order The Boondock Saints: Origins. Those who pre-order the collector's edition box set will also get access to a 10-month subscription box that will give exclusive behind the scenes looks at the series, as well as some Boondock Saints swag. Fans can also purchase a $5,000 ticket to join a friend in a marathon screening of the entire new series at St. Patrick's Day 2018 in Boston. For $10,000, you and a friend will get flown out for a two-night hotel stay, and get all the aforementioned things plus an associate producer credit on the series and an invitation to an after party with Troy Duffy and the cast of The Boondock Saints: Origins.

As for actors, no word on whether or not Sean Patrick Flannery or Norman Reedus will be reprising their roles in The Boondock Saints: Origins. Without knowing when exactly these origins take place, it's difficult to rule either actor out. We first reported on this project a year ago, and know just about as much about it now (minus the campaign) as we did then. With the premiere date for the series already less than a year away and The Walking Dead Season 8 to begin production sometime presumably before fall of this year, I can't imagine Reedus is attached to the project as a series regular.

More details on The Boondock Saints: Origins are on the way, so we'll let you know should any interesting developments regarding the show arise. Until then, there are only a few weeks left of your favorite shows and you could be in the dark about a lot of things you don't have to be. Check out our renewal guide to ensure your favorite show will return and visit our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule to find lots of new and returning shows to watch.

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