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The Netflix Hackers Have Released Another Project

Jeff Garlin as Gene Handsome

Remember those hackers who leaked Season 5 of Orange Is The New Black? They're back again, and trying once again to hit the streaming giant where it hurts. It's believed that the hackers, who call themselves TheDarkOverlord, released the new Netflix film Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie to the well-known torrent site, The Pirate Bay, the same day it officially appeared on the streaming platform.

While money was clearly stated as the motivation behind the first attack on Netflix, it's unclear exactly what TheDarkOverlord's motivation is for this latest hack. As Variety reports, Handsome was uploaded to the torrenting site The Pirate Bay the same day Netflix put it out. Typically, if you're wanting to extort someone, you would try to release the sensitive information you contain well ahead of when it's intended to release. With the torrent appearing the same day as Handsome appears on Netflix, the damage done is minimal when compared to the impact of releasing Season 5 of Orange Is The New Black nearly an entire month ahead of its scheduled release. So if hurting Netflix isn't the motivation, what's the play this time around?

That much remains unclear, although it's been speculated TheDarkOverlord is just wishing to remain relevant and continue to grab headlines as it plots the next move in their hacking exploits. It's worth mentioning that the group's hacking isn't exclusive to television, as recent tweets from the Twitter account associated with the organization has leaked records from businesses ranging from dentistries to the United States Navy. Whoever is heading up this organization is heading for a world of hurt should they be nabbed, as most high-profile hackers get a swift penalty upon capture.

Netflix has declined to comment regarding the leak of Handsome, which stars comedian and Curb Your Enthusiasm regular Jeff Garlin. Considering the level of damage is fairly minimal when compared to Orange Is The New Black, I can't blame Netflix execs for leaving well enough alone and not giving their hackers the satisfaction and acknowledgment they're wanting. TheDarkOverlord may still have other ways to hurt the network as it was previously mentioned the hacker were in possession of another Netflix original film Win It All and the new series Bill Nye Saves The World, both of which are currently on the platform. Will they continue their crusade against the streaming giant, or will they move onto releasing one of the other networks they're holding up?

As more information develops on this ongoing feud between hackers and Netflix, we'll keep an eye on it and let you know if anything crazy happens. Until that happens, be sure you're keeping up with the wealth of great content premiering this summer with our summer premiere guide. If your favorite show is ending and you don't know whether or not you'll see it next season, be sure to find it on our renewal guide to see if it's safe for next season.

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