How Many Seasons Curb Your Enthusiasm Could Last, According To J.B. Smoove

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One of the best comedies in recent memory (maybe ever) is Curb You Enthusiasm. Coming straight from the mind of Seinfeld creator Larry David, the show aired on HBO for eight seasons before calling it a day and heading off into the sunset. Sunsets are overrated, however, and now the show is coming back for a Season 9, with David and some of the most prominent cast members returning. With all this buzz around Curb's return, will the comedy opt to stop at one extra season or could even more be waiting down the line? J.B. Smoove, who plays the fan-favorite Leon, voiced his thoughts that they shouldn't settle for nine seasons, but instead shoot for 10.

I told Larry, you can't end like that. You got to put a stamp on the season. It was a great season 8, but Season 9? Going to be historic because it's the return. But then you gotta do another season because you have to seal it off. Ten seasons looks good in the box set. Eight don't look--nine don't look good. Ten is perfect.

Being frequently touted as one of the best comedies ever like I did earlier, there's a lot of pressure for Curb You Enthusiasm to live up to expectations. Larry David took a five-year break between Seasons 8 and 9, and the longer you wait with revivals, the more pressure there is to deliver a great season of television. At what point do the expectations exceed the possibilities? But as J.B. Smoove told Complex, you can't just leave it at eight seasons and if you're gonna do a ninth, then you pretty much have to do a tenth.

A 10-season box set of Curb Your Enthusiasm certainly has a better ring to it than nine. This is no official confirmation that a tenth season is in the works, but one can certainly dream, and it's definitely not inconceivable. There's a lot of buzz for Season 9 right now and HBO wanted another season of Curb about as much as all of the fans. Should the new season do well, then there's a very good chance for the greenlight. At the end of the day it really comes down to if Larry David wants to do it. If he does, we'll all be in a happier place.

J.B. Smoove joined Curb Your Enthusiasm in Season 6, and he quickly rose to become an indispensable member to the cast. Smoove played Leon Black, who moved into Larry's house with his family after their house was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina (although Leon already lived in Los Angeles). Leon stuck around as Larry's roommate and became his sidekick long after his own family moved out. Their two personalities couldn't have been more different, resulting in some real shenanigans and getting inside that ass.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is expected to premiere later this year, so stick with CinemaBlend for all updates on the much-anticipated return. For more returning television this year, check out our 2017 midseason guide!

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