American Idol's Reboot May Have Found Its Host

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Reboots and revivals have turned out to be quite profitable for many networks nowadays, and ABC is hard at working bringing American Idol back to the airwaves. A big question has been of how different the new version will be from the original, which aired on Fox. As it turns out, ABC may be taking one particular step to try and make its version authentic to the original. The network is evidently looking to bring longtime Idol host Ryan Seacrest back to host once again.

Ryan Seacrest is "in advanced talks" to host the American Idol reboot on ABC, according to Variety. An insider claims that a new contract is in the final stages of being worked out that will keep Ryan Seacrest as the face of the series. Rumor had it earlier than Season 1 champion Kelly Clarkson was in the running for the top job, and I've been fruitlessly pitching Brian Dunkleman as host, but it's sounding like Seacrest might really get the job,

That said, nothing has been settled yet. A source close to Ryan Seacrest has indicated that talks are actually quite preliminary and a lot still needs to be worked out before anything can be confirmed. Seacrest recently joined the ABC team in a regular capacity as Kelly Ripa's new morning co-host on Live with Kelly and Ryan. He's also responsible for a daily syndicated radio show and contributes to E! Basically, he has plenty on his plate without making time for the American Idol reboot, especially considering how much Idol ABC may be looking for.

ABC is reportedly look for about 40 hours of American Idol content when it debuts in the 2017-2018 TV season. If that's the case, then we can surmise that ABC will be following the Fox model and airing two episodes per week. Ryan Seacrest might have been able to somewhat easily squeeze in American Idol if it was simply a Sunday night gig, when he wouldn't necessarily have to be on call for Live, but two nights a week on top of everything else might be a stretch even for him.

We'll have to wait and see. ABC seems to be going full-throttle on the reboot, although there has been some doubt about whether or not an American Idol reboot is even needed, given that the first run of the series only ended in 2016. If Ryan Seacrest signs on, we can bet that the ABC version will be able to draw some of the same viewers as tuned in on a regular basis to the Fox version.

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