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The Flash's Massive Plot Hole That Could Easily Have Saved Iris

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Warning: spoilers ahead for The Flash. Don't read any further if you aren't up to date on the latest adventures of Barry Allen!

Still reeling from that last episode of The Flash? Don't worry; you're not alone. Despite Team Flash's earnest attempts to save Iris West from Savitar/Future Barry, the God of Speed managed to kill her at the end of this week's story arc. Her untimely demise represents an emotionally devastating moment for Central City's favorite heroes, but it also raises one critical plot hole that we need to address. In Barry's attempt to save Iris by breaking into A.R.G.U.S. to enlist King Shark, he inadvertently stumbled onto a way to save her without ever actually acknowledging it.

Let's start from the beginning. The most recent episode of The Flash centered on an unlikely partnership between hero and anti-hero. Upon realizing that the Dominators' crystal might help Barry defeat Savitar -- shoutout to the Arrow-verse "Invasion" crossover -- he decided to break into A.R.G.U.S. to steal the relic. However, Lyla Diggle is one brilliant badass, and she'd installed dampeners in the facility that shut down any metahuman's powers. Realizing that he's not much of a thief without his speed, Barry enlisted the help of a very not dead Captain Cold from over a century ago, and the two proceeded to go on a daring raid -- sans the aid of any super-speed. Wait...did you hear that? No super-speed.

This was a cool enough premise for an episode, because King Shark, but it also raises one urgent question: why didn't Barry just have Lyla put Iris into protective custody? If our Barry couldn't get into the A.R.G.U.S. facility and keep his quick-footed powers, then Savitar couldn't, either. Regardless of the slow-moving fist fight that possibly would have occurred, it would've been the easiest way to keep Iris almost completely safe, but he completely glossed over that option for a remarkable heist sequence. When will Barry make the right decision for a change?

Of course, we're not the only Flash fans that think this glaring issue is most illogical. Other viewers quickly took to Twitter to point out the plot gap. Check out a few of our favorite responses below:

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That GIF pretty much says it all, doesn't it? That said, other Flash fans kept their explanations of the plot hole a bit more coherent.

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The logical Flash fans just keep coming out of the woodwork, don't they?

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I have one last point to address that isn't necessarily a plot hole, but it's certainly is worth acknowledging: why is HR Wells still around if he's just going to get people killed? He was fun at first, but his colossal big-mouthed blunder is what ultimately led to Iris' death in this most recent episode, and he needs to be excommunicated from this team. He got someone killed (a fan-favorite character no less), and we're not sure if we can forgive him. Of course, maybe what we think happened didn't really happen, but it's impossible to know right now.

The Flash's Season 3 finale will air this Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on The CW. For more information related to all of the most highly anticipated TV debuted slated for the next few months, make sure to take a look at our summer television premiere guide and fill out your TV viewing calendars!

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