Massive spoilers ahead for House of Cards Season 5. Don't read on unless you've finished watching.

Netflix's House of Cards is a groundbreaking TV series that broke the mold in regards to how quality programming is produced in the age of streaming. Since then, Netflix and its competitors have produced an outstanding amount of online programming, which is able to function outside of the world of advertising. And with House of Cards releasing its shocking fifth season, the dark political drama shows no signs of slowing. On the contrary, Season 5 was perhaps the most cutthroat and thrilling entry into the series yet. Plenty of jaw dropping moments occurred, and we've managed to whittle it down to seven savage moments for Season 5.

Francis Has Terrorist Joshua Masterson Killed

In the final episodes of Season 4, we saw as two domestic terrorists kidnapped an innocent American family on our soil. And while the mother and daughter were eventually released, the shocking cliffhanger saw James Miller beheaded by the ICO sympathizers, with Claire and Francis proclaiming that they will use terror and fear to rally the American people. The first episode of Season 5 saw the wide range manhunt for terrorist Joshua Masterson, but Frank had other plans

Because he had captured Masterson all along, using the threat of his escape as a tool to manipulate both the public and press. We see Francis come face to face with Masterson (the first time Frank addresses the audience in the season), and assume he'll quickly be tried and sentenced. Instead, Frank tells his guard to murder him and "get rid of the asset". Despite Masterson being an American citizen, Francis refuses to give him the right to trial, and takes him out of this world.

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