The Message Of Wonder Woman, According To Robin Wright

Robin Wright's General Antiope shooting an arrow in the air

Despite being only a few years old, the DC Extended Universe has already gone through a ton of ups and downs. All three films have been met with icy critical receptions, which makes the upcoming release of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman extremely important for the DCEU as a whole. Luckily critics seem very pleased with early screeners, so the shared universe may end up with its first critical success. Wonder Woman certainly seems like a unique installment in the genre, and now co-star Robin Wright has spoken to the film's message.

Robin Wright recently spoke about her role as General Antiope in Wonder Woman, where she was asked about the film itself. Wright eventually revealed what she thinks the upcoming superhero movie is all about, and why it'll be a project that can be enjoyed across generations. She said,

And the message of this movie is not just female empowerment. It's about love and justice. That's what the film is about. And what a great message to spread to our little ones.

While speaking with Variety, Robin Wright revealed how both children and adults will likely be in attendance when Wonder Woman hits theaters, and therefore how the message shown to younger generations should be purposeful. With so much division and chaos in the world, Wright believes that the message of love and justice are core values that will send a positive message to kids, while also delivering the first female superhero movie.

Robin Wright will play one of the many powerful female characters in Wonder Woman. She's the DCEU's General Antiope, Wonder Woman's Aunt and a commander of the Amazonian army in Themyscira. She's been described as the most powerful warrior of the group, although smart money says Diana will take that title by the time the film ends.

And with Wonder Woman possibly becoming the DCEU's first critical success, it should be interesting to see how the various Amazonian characters factor into the franchise moving forward. This type of positive critical attention might make characters like Robin Wright's Aniope much more popular, and therefore relevant as the DCEU continues to grow.

Zack Snyder's Justice League trailer featured an army of Amazons fighting off Darkseid's parademons, although that scene is most likely a flashback of his past attempts at destroying Earth. Robin Wright hasn't been confirmed as a character in the highly anticipated team up movie, but perhaps Geoff Johns and the folks over at DC are sitting on a few more secrets before the film finally hits theaters. After all, we've got quite a few more months to wait.

You can check out Robin Wright's Antiope when Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2, 2017. Afterward, we'll have Justice League to look forward to, as its released on November 17, 2017.

Corey Chichizola
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