“Proximity to power deludes some into believing they wield it. I put an end to that sort of thinking before it begins.”

President Francis Underwood once said the above quote, and over the past two seasons of House Of Cards, the now-Commander In Chief has done everything to live up to his word. Light threats, extortion, and good old-fashioned murder have darkened the mind of the man everyone wants to either befriend or defeat. Yet as powerful as Kevin Spacey’s molasses-accented baddie really is, there are others who give him a hell of a run for his money when it comes to playing the D.C. game. Are any of them better than the master himself? Find out as we run down the 10 best House Of Cards characters. After all, if you’re going to prove your worth on House Of Cards, you’ve got to measure up to the Underwood standard.

Please keep in mind that if you haven't caught up on House of Cards, yet, there are some spoilers in the following paragraphs.

10. Peter Russo
Poor poor Peter Russo. A recovering alcoholic and drug addict, his campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania was the best shot he had at accomplishing something in politics. At least, it was until it was torpedoed by Clare and Frank’s combined, if not mutual, efforts. He had the one thing few on this list actually possessed: actual humanity. It was his ultimate downfall, as it put him in as many tight spots as it did spotlights. Peter Russo didn’t have to die… but then again, depending on who you talk to, it was only a matter of time.

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