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House Of Cards Got All Too Real When Frank Underwood Showed Up On The D.C. Metro

Imagine you're on your way to work, minding your own business on the D.C. Metro, when out of nowhere, the President shows up on your train! Now imagine that happening, but instead of the actual POTUS, it's Kevin Spacey's fictional President Frank Underwood from House Of Cards. How would you feel then? Things likely got far too real for a couple passengers, as that exact scenario went down yesterday.

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Yep, that really happened. In what we can assume is a marketing stunt for the upcoming Season 5 premiere of House Of Cards on May 30th, Frank Underwood hopped aboard the D.C. Metro with both bodyguards and Doug Stamper alongside him. Plenty of photos were snapped, like the one above, as fans of the Netflix series followed the in-character Kevin Spacey and Michael Kelly around town. But it wouldn't be a Presidential romp without an official photographer, right? As such, Netflix enlisted Pete Souza, former White House photographer under Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan, to track Frank Underwood's movements around town.

While Frank's tour of the town consisted of all the major stops one would go to on a D.C. tour, fans of House Of Cards will understand why the D.C. Metro, in particular, is a subject of interest. Sadly, no photos were snapped of the exact location in which Underwood tossed the nosy journalist Zoe in front of a train. Of course, that scene from Season 2 was actually shot in Baltimore, Maryland, but it didn't stop Souza from making a saucy joke at the expense of our pretend Commander in Chief:

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Could someone else be finding their way in front of a train this season? I wouldn't be surprised, as Season 5 of House Of Cards is set up to either immortalize or destroy the Underwoods, as well as the iron grip they hold on the White House. If it comes down to getting their hands dirty, we've seen time and time again that neither member of the First Family is afraid to get down in the mud. To their credit, it doesn't appear the Underwoods' shady tactics have lost them any real life fans, as fans flocked to see Kevin Spacey all around D.C.

House of Cards will premiere Season 5 on Netflix beginning Friday, May 30th, at 12:01 a.m. PT. If you're someone who always has trouble keeping up with the returns of all the shows you enjoy, feel free to bookmark our summer premiere guide as it's a lifesaver for finding new and returning television. Also, as the dust settles on renewals and cancellations, be sure to check out our cable and streaming rundown, as well as our network rundown, to see whether or not your show survived the offseason to return in 2018.

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