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Along with vacations and warm weather, the summer months also bring the return of our favorite summer TV shows. Chief among them is Netflix's dark comedy Orange is the New Black, which will release its fifth season in just a few weeks. The hardcore fandom has seen quite the change in tone of the show, as Season 4 saw Poussey killed, followed by a prison wide riot. The fan favorite character is the fourth Litchfield inmate to die on the series, so how does the ensemble cast feel about possibly being killed off in the future?

Jackie Cruz and Diane Guerrero have played Flaca and Maritza in Orange is the New Black since Season 1. I had the privilege to speak with the dynamic duo at Netflix's press junket in New York City, where they revealed how the cast handles the threat of being killed off.

Jackie Cruz: The great thing is that we have an incredible creator. And if that's happening to you, she will talk to you, and she'll let you know why it's happening. She'll make you feel good.

Diane Gurerro: You're never gonna get the axe if it's not for the good for the show.

Jackie Cruz and Diane Guerrero's above statement shows what a group effort Orange is the New Black is. The large ensemble cast seems to have formed a tight family unit, and understand that creator Jenji Kohan has a specific vision for the narrative of the series.

And it's true that each character death of OITNB has served a very specific purpose for the series, as well as the other inmates. Poussey's death struck the audience hard, but it set the entire series toward a new trajectory. Indeed, Season 5 is set within Litchfield's riot, and will take place over just a few days. So while the fans may be upset about the lack of Poussey moving forward, it certainly allowed for the overall series to take a very interesting turn.

For those who don't remember, there's been another three characters who have bitten the dust on Orange is the New Black. The first death was back in Season 1, when Tricia overdosed in the supply closet after Pornstache locked her in. It shocked the prison, especially Red, Boo, and Nicky. In season 2, Vee was (finally) killed when being hit by Miss Rosa, before the sick inmate's offscreen death between seasons.

Season 5 of Orange is the New Black looks absolutely bonkers. With the inmates taking control of Litchfield, the stakes for the series are at an all time high. Between the prisoners and the correctional officers, I wouldn't be surprised if another major character death occurred before the season ends.

Netflix will release Season 5 of Orange is the New Black on June 9th 2017. Be sure you check our summer premiere list, so you don't miss a single premiere.

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