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Orange Is The New Black Spinoffs? Here’s What One Star Said

Black Cindy In Season 3's finale

As the days grow longer and temperatures rise, avid TV fans can feel a particularly exciting moment of the year coming on: the return of summer TV. And besides HBO's megahit Game of Thrones, Netflix will also be releasing the fifth season of Orange is the New Black in its entirety. Considering how insanely popular OITNB is, it seems like a spinoff produced by Netflix would be the next logical step for the series. But what does the cast think of this prospect?

I had the privilege to speak with a few of Litchfield's finest at Netflix (opens in new tab)'s recent press junket in New York City. When I brought up the idea of a spinoff to actress Adrienne C. Moore (aka Black Cindy), she revealed that it might be a disservice to Orange, saying:

The selfish side of the equation would be like 'Yeah, I need to tell my own story. I need 10 episodes a season to tell it.' But I think there is this interesting dynamic with the show. You sort of get to see so many different perspectives all at once. And I think that's what makes it so unique.

Adrienne C. Moore actually makes a pretty great point here. And while I would kill for The Black Cindy and Taystee Show, it would likely take away from the original series.

Orange is the New Black has been applauded for having the most inclusive cast in television. Both the actors and characters span all types of race, religion, body type, sexuality, and gender identity. It's this diversity that allows creator Jenji Kohan and company to illustrate a variety of perspectives on issues within Litchfield and beyond. So taking a few characters out of OITNB for another project would leave a gaping hole in the overall dynamic of the series, which Adrienne C. Moore isn't fond of.

That being said, it seems like producing an Orange is the New Black spinoff would be pretty easy for Netflix. The audience is already extremely invested in the inmates, and would be happy to get a supplemental series to binge watch.

And as far as storytelling goes, all Orange would need to do is write a character or two out of the series, presumably when they're released from prison. We could easily follow the new release(s), as they attempt to integrate back into life outside of prison. We've gotten a hint of this when Taystee was briefly released, as well as Daya's mom in Season 4, but a spinoff could really delve into what its like for formerly incarcerated people to return to the "real world".

But it looks like it isn't happening anytime soon. Instead, we'll have to tune into Netflix when Orange is the New Black returns for its fifth season on June 9th. Be sure to check out our full summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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