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When Gotham Will Introduce Harley Quinn, According To One Star

Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

Bruce Wayne in Season 3 of Gotham

Between the DCEU, MCU, and X-Men franchise, superhero properties are everywhere. And while most DC shows take place in the interconnected CW Arrowverse, FOX's Gotham lives in a world of its own. A prequel to the world of Batman as we know it, Gotham has the ability to make bold plot choices without having to worry about the comics, DCEU, or any other shows being affected. One aspect of Gotham that has been a popular subject since Season 2 is the possibility of Harley Quinn stepping onto the scene, and now one actor has revealed when we'll see everyone's favorite Batman femme fatale.

Actor David Mazouz has played Bruce Wayne since Gotham's first episode. He recently spoke to Movie Pilot about when Harley Quinn was going to join the series, and it's apparently happening very soon. He said,

She's going to be in the finale. Stay tuned.

Talk about a mic drop. It looks like Mr. J's main squeeze will officially join Gotham during the Season 3 finale in a few weeks time. This is sure to be a mind blowing revelation for Gotham fans, and now we have to wonder how she might make her highly anticipated entrance.

The most obvious choice is that Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) will become Harley Quinn. Barbara is the character most commonly associated with Harley, as she takes delight in mania and chaos within Gotham. Barbara has already transformed from damsel in distress, to crazypants Arkham inmate, to a more calm and calculated evil force of the city. But when I spoke with actress Erin Richards ahead of Gotham's spring premiere, she seemed to find quite a few differences between her character and Harley, particularly how Barbara is more interested in power than anarchy.

Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

So who could become Harley? My money is on Morena Baccarin's Lee Thompkins. Furious by the untimely death of her husband, Lee has had a back season wholly focused on revenge against Jim Gordon. And with the Alice Tetch virus currently serving as a major threat, I wouldn't be surprised if Lee actually ended up injecting herself with the serum. And while it would give her enhanced abilities, Lee would also presumably lose her mind in the process. Comic Harley is typically a psychiatrist instead of a physician, but Lee's transformation into Harley would still allow the character to go from doctor to villain.

Alas, we'll just have to wait and see how it all goes down on Gotham's Season 3 finale next week. Gotham's finale will air June 5th 2017 on FOX. Wondering what to binge during the summer hiatus? Check out our summer premiere list to plan your next TV experience.

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