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Is ESPN'S Mike And Mike Problem Really That Bad? Here's What Mike Golic Says

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Since the announcement that Mike & Mike's Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg would be splitting up at the year's end, rumors have swirled regarding the tension between the two on set. After reading reports from insiders that he is upset with his partner for leaving the show, Mike Golic is speaking out about ESPN and whether the situation is really that bad:

Greeny and I have talked. Greeny and I are fine. In all honesty, I had more of a problem and was a little disappointed that people that work on my show would anonymously throw stuff out there. I'm not a big fan of the anonymous thing. If you can't put your name to it, I don't know why you'd say it. But Greeny and I are fine. We absolutely are.

Mike Golic speaks to the NDInsider regarding the allegations that he and co-host Mike Greenberg are not speaking on the set of Mike & Mike and indicates the reports are greatly exaggerated. Golic also states that the reason the two haven't personally discussed the show ending on air is simply due to the fact that they don't know when exactly things will end. That ending, by the way, Golic asserts is not coming sooner rather than later due to on-set tensions. Instead, ESPN's decision will likely involve ad sales and when those contracts involving Mike Greenberg expire. It seems as if the call were up to Golic, however, he'd rather Greenberg depart before the end of their official contract expiration in December.

For the sake of Mike & Mike going forward, Mike Golic would prefer if Mike Greenberg was off the show before football starts back up, but says he wasn't consulted on the matter. Golic does say the two will plan some special events for Greenberg's departure and that when the official end date is known, fans of the show will have plenty to look forward to:

The reason why it's tough to talk about the end of the show on air is because we don't know when the end of the show's going to be. So why get nostalgic in May when we may be doing the show another six months? There'll be time, once they tell us, 'This is the plan for the end of the show,' and then we can start planning some of those things to end the show. We'll probably do more giveaways for fans, because if we didn't have the listeners and viewers, there's no way this show goes 18 years.

Good to hear two guys who have been at it so long aren't at odds. As Mike Golic said, no one knows exactly when Mike Greenberg is leaving Mike & Mike. Until further notice, you can catch Mike & Mike on ESPN 2 beginning at 6 a.m. ET. If you're on the hunt for new shows and need something to fill your evenings be sure to visit our guide to all the new premieres and returns. If you'd rather binge your old favorite show until it returns, make sure it actually is returning with our renewal guide.

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