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Just when you thought The Bachelorette's biggest problem was WHABOOM guy, a new unsavory bit of info surfaces. One current Bachelorette contestant, Lee Garrett, is getting a lot of attention online over some sketchy tweets that he'd reportedly posted in the past. Take a look and continue on below:

As you can see from the alleged screenshots above, Lee Garrett's tweets dating from 2015 to 2016 seem to feature some rather unsavory views that The Bachelorette would rather not have out there. The inflammatory tweets compared the NAACP to the KKK, called the Black Lives Matter group a terrorist organization, and many more anger-mongering thoughts. It's a whole lot of NOPE if you're a network trying to go with the grain of politically correct culture.

ABC was reportedly only sent the tweets yesterday, according to Variety, and the network claimed to have no knowledge of them beforehand. Keep in mind as you're soaking all this in that Lee Garrett's Twitter profile is set to private, so really the only evidence we have that any of these things are on here comes from these screenshots, and stuff like that can be faked, with quite a bit of time and effort. It's entirely possible that none of these tweets actually exist as we cannot access Garrett's Twitter profile to confirm them.

One would think anyone who did some research on Lee Garrett prior to putting him on The Bachelorette would've vetted his social media for any red flags that he may have some radical ideas regarding African American movements, regardless of whether Garrett would need to allow access or not. Rachel Lindsay, the show's first black Bachelorette, has been tagged in the tweet that shows Garrett's alleged tweets, but has yet to comment back or comment on it at the time of this writing. The only things worse than the timing on all this are the messages themselves.

Lee Garrett becomes the second contestant on the current season of The Bachelorette to come under fire for things written on the Internet. Before the season premiere, ABC had to scrub portions of contestant Bryce Powers' profile after he remarked that his greatest fear on a date was learning the girl was secretly a dude. The controversy didn't seem to phase Powers, who continues to ignore critics posting to his account, but will the same hold true for Garrett? Maybe Whaboom guy Lucas Yancey has a better shot at winning this thing than I initially thought.

The tapings of The Bachelorette are recorded way ahead of time, so don't be surprised if and when Lee Garrett is still around for the next new episode on ABC on June 5th at 9 p.m. ET. Let's hope that if Garrett did/does end up getting to the finals, that Rachel Lindsay was made aware of all this well before hand.

Let's also hope that this week brings more great television as there are still plenty of new shows coming out each and every week. Keep up with the madness via our handy guide and check the status of your shows in the offseason and whether they will return next year right here.

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