There are few shows that are quite as beloved and consistently binge watched as Netflix's Orange is the New Black. One of the first shows available entirely on streaming, creator Jenji Kohan has crafted a nuanced and complex group of inmates, resulting in OITNB truly becoming an ensemble series throughout the years. And with so many Litchfield ladies stealing our hearts, it's hard to decide which ones are your favorite. Until now. Because rather than a typical ranking of Orange's characters, we're going to do things a bit different. These are the characters I'd like to get drunk on prison hooch with. Although with Poussey gone, I'm not sure who the current Litchfield supplier is.

Yoga Jones

Yoda Jones is one of my favorite tertiary characters from Orange is the New Black. Since the very first episode, her unique speaking voice and penchant for chaturanga have made her a hilarious ensemble member in all of her appearances. But my need to throw one back with Jones happened after watching Season 4. When Judy King was given a private living quarters, she was assigned a roommate in Yoga Jones. And while Jones originally loathed the idea, she began enjoying the perks that come with King's presence. And season 4 episode "People Persons" saw she, Judy King, and Luschek dropping Molly and engaging in a prison 3-way. If that doesn't spell out a good drinking buddy, I'm not sure what does.

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