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One Orange Is The New Black Character Will Show Up A Lot More In Season 6

Freida at the prisons' garden.

While most TV shows are in hiatus during the summer months, there are a few choice shows that delight audiences during this break every year. Chief among them is Netflix's dark comedy Orange is the New Black, which will release its fifth season on the streaming service in about a week. And while the fandom is excited to see what happened in Litchfield after the inmates started their riot, developments have already begun rolling in regarding Season 6. Specifically, one Litchfield inmate is about to become a much more significant character: badass Golden Girl member Freida Berlin.

News of this announcements comes to us from Deadline, who reports that actress Dale Soules will be promoted to a series regular for Season 6. Freida has been present in the show since Red lost the kitchen in Season 2, often offering to kill either an inmate or correctional officer if the time calls for it. She was more than happy to help Red plan an assault against Vee, and has since helped Alex dispose of her hitman's body. So she's one badass lady who should not be messed with.

News of Freida's larger role in Season 6 seems to hint at a few plot points for the upcoming fifth season. To start, it's clear that Freida won't be dying during the events of the newest season. Season 5 will be set in a three day period within Litchfield, where the inmates have risen up against the COs and begun a riot. I can't imagine that all of the characters make it out of the season alive, but at least one of the inmates is safe.

Additionally, Dale Soules' ascension to a series regular must also signify that Freida will have a spike of visibility in Season 5. If the inmates of Litchfield intend to keep the prison for as long as possible, they're going to need to pool their resources and work together. And considering what a terrifyingly badass queen Freida is, I wouldn't be surprised if her particular murderous skills will come in handy at some point during this season's chaos. Additionally, it seems likely that Freida will get her own origin episode this season, although Jenji Kohan and company may save this for once she's a regular.

Overall, Season 5 of Orange is the New Black looks like a game changer for the series. While OITNB started off rather light and frothy, things took a dark turn at the end of Season 4. The cast has been open about how Season 5's stakes feel much higher than previous entries, so perhaps the drama aspect of the dramedy will rule the day.

Orange is the New Black will return to Netflix on June 9th 2017. Be sure to check out our summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

Corey Chichizola
Corey Chichizola

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