Where Will The Blacklist's Suitcase End Up In Season 5? Here's What The Creator Says

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The Season 4 finale of The Blacklist was a game-changer as it finally revealed how Red and Liz are related, brought Tom back from his cancelled Blacklist spinoff, and brought a mysterious suitcase into the game. We don't know too much about the suitcase other than the fact that it contains a set of skeletal remains that could mean a lot of trouble for Red. Nobody behind the scenes is going to spill the beans on who's stuffed in the suitcase, but creator Jon Bokenkamp had this to tease about when it will come into play:

The name on the luggage tag is Elizabeth Keen, so we should assume that a well-packed secret is on its way to Liz. We'll have to see what happens in transit if it actually gets there, but it does provide us with what is ultimately a much larger story engine in truth to the show. It's a big turn.

Tom, fresh off the end of Blacklist Redemption, is the person currently in custody of the suitcase, but he may not be the one to deliver it to Liz. Even as deep as he's gotten, Tom certainly doesn't entirely understand what's he's into, and Jon Bokenkamp's comments to EW indicate that he'll run into trouble before he even gets to Liz. His connection with Liz has made it likely that he'll struggle on a personal level on whether or not to share the contents with her. Now, it seems that might not be an issue at all if somebody stops him from delivering it.

At this point, I'm just glad that The Blacklist had a strategy in place to bring Tom back into the main action after the cancellation of the spinoff. It would have been a shame to lose him after Blacklist: Redemption got the axe, and it sounds like he'll be pretty pivotal when The Blacklist returns for Season 5.

The Blacklist hasn't been NBC's biggest winner in the ratings, although it has been a strong performer with DVR and post-live viewing. Still, it wasn't guaranteed a Season 5, so it came as a big relief to fans when NBC finally announced the official renewal. The reveal that Red is Liz's father was a long time coming, and there are still many more mysteries that need to be solved, not the least of which is the suitcase. Hopefully we won't have to wait nearly as long for the suitcase answer as we waited for the answer about Liz's dad.

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