Drag Race's Most Shocking Moment Of Season 9, According To RuPaul

Valentina with her mask on

Tonight is the night. After a season full of twists, turns, and drama, this evening will mark the season finale of VH1's RuPaul's Drag Race. Season 9 will likely go down as one of the most talented seasons of the long running reality competition series, which is saying a lot considering how many fantastic queens we've seen sashay through the workroom over the past 9 years. But RuPaul himself recently revealed the three most shocking moments from Drag Race's long tenure, and one moment from Season 9 made it onto the list, therefore trumping the rest of the exciting season's contents. That moment? The thoroughly awkward Valentina lip sync debacle.

Ahead of Drag Race's finale, RuPaul spoke to EW about the show's long run. It's here where she recounted the iconic moment where Valentina attempted to lip sync while covering her lips. Ru said:

Valentina lip syncing for her life. Or should I say, not lip syncing for her life. She had a mask on, the whole time she had a mask. I had to stop the lip sync and say 'Madame, we need to see your lips. Both sets'.

Of course, RuPaul can't pass a chance to put in a dirty joke, but the statement rings just as true. Despite all the craziness and drama that has unfolded over the past nine seasons, Valentina's epic fail is the biggest of this season, and one of the most significant for the entire series.

Valentina was one of the frontrunners for Season 9 of Drag Race, as both the audience and judges constantly praised the young queen for her aesthetic and flexibility. This brought on a level of jealousy from the other girls, especially Brooklyn queen Aja, whose rant about the subject has already been translated to a popular dance song in gay bars. But when Valentina finally ended up the final two, she attempted to cover her mouth during the lip sync. And when Ru had her remove the mask, it was clear that the fan favorite simply didn't know the lyrics to Ariana Grande's "Greedy". Yikes.

As a reminder, you can check out the already infamous lip sync below.

Oof. I've already seen this lip sync battle, and I'm still uncomfortable watching it. The entire conflict between Ru and Valentina only exacerbated the situation, as it appeared like the young queen was talking back to the host/producer. Ru has a damn Emmy, so just do what she says, queen!

Tonight's finale will see the entire cast of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 reunited, and RuPaul will eventually crown a winner. Smart money says that this lip synch will be addressed in the reunion, so tune into VH1 to take it all in.

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