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Netflix's To The Bone Is Already In Hot Water, And It Hasn't Aired Yet

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Netflix's To The Bone is already in hot water, which is bad news considering the film hasn't even hit the service yet. The film centers on Ellen (Lily Collins) who is a girl with anorexia nervosa who enters a treatment program to help her eating disorder. Many have seen the trailer, and a few are speaking out in fear that the film and Netflix are triggering and romanticizing a very serious issue.

Metro writes that people are flooding the comments of the film's trailer on YouTube with criticism towards how To The Bone addresses eating disorders in its roughly two-minute trailer. Those criticizing feel that Netflix is using the spectacle of shock to draw audiences in, and perhaps romanticizing what it means to have an eating disorder. Director of To The Bone Marti Noxon has addressed these criticisms on Twitter and assures fans as someone who suffered from eating disorders herself that the film does not portray it in that way:

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It's worth mentioning as well that To The Bone star Lily Collins has also talked about her struggles with an eating disorder through numerous outlets, so it would appear many people educated on the subject matter had a hand in this film. Collins has gone on the record before saying she spent years controlling her eating habits and abusing laxatives for nearly a decade without her friends or father (Phil Collins) knowing about it. From the sound of it, it seems as though some of the scenes Collins is acting in the trailer are portions of her life that she may have actually lived, which could provide further legitimacy from those opposed to its airing.

One has to wonder if the controversy of To The Bone is, in a way, tied to 13 Reasons Why. Much like To The Bone, 13 Reasons Why found several critics who did not appreciate the show's depiction and graphic display of suicide. Most criticism of 13 Reasons Why came after the series had premiered, however, which may be why audiences are quick to get out ahead of To The Bone before anything potentially damaging ideas reach the masses.

People will get to decide for themselves whether To The Bone is respectful or not as the film hits Netflix on July 14th. Keanu Reeves is also featured in the film and looks to be taking a break from his rough and tumble John Wick persona that has really elevated his career as of late. Those looking for a complete list of summer programs that are worth a watch can visit our summer premiere guide for all shows returning and premiering.

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