Sometimes, the worst parts of a given year are when celebrities are the subject of bizarre and cringe-worthy headlines, but there aren't any new episodes of South Park to shine a light on them as reflected off a sharp blade. When the show started back in 1997, the internet was still in its chatroom-filled youth and it was a lot easier to have an edge, but creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone haven't allowed pop culture's advancements in satire and extreme subject matter to get past their talents to tear entertainment to its core non-values.

Here are 13 celebrities that were victims of South Park's blunt force humor over the 19 seasons in which just about every aspect of our culture has been steamrolled, stacked and burned. Why don't we start with a man who could be at the center of an entire season of South Park episodes?

Kanye West

You ever had your friends laugh at a joke that you didn't get, but you laughed along anyway? Kanye West doesn't have that option in South Park's Season 13 episode "Fishsticks," in which the notoriously unpredictable rapper is incapable of understanding an extremely juvenile (and popular) joke and won't allow it to be explained. He eventually assumes it means he's supposed to be a gay fish, and because this is the show that it is, Kanye West embraces his misbegotten fate and the episode ends with him swimming around underwater and grinding up on fish. It was all a shot at West's massive ego, which the rapper memorably took with some grace after the episode aired.

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