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Fear The Walking Dead's Midseason Finale Trailer Reveals Long-Lost Character's Return

Spoiler warning for anyone who isn't fully caught up with Fear the Walking Dead.

Sunday night's episode of Fear the Walking Dead, "Red Dirt," showed fans that Madison is willing to go down some mentally troubling roads in order to achieve her perceived version of justice, with next week's midseason finale apparently introducing a small-scale war between the Broke Jaw Ranch survivors and the very vengeful Walker & Co. But it was what showed up afterward, in the trailer for next week's midseason finale, that really caught our eye: the return of Ofelia Salazar.

ofelia's return to fear the walking dead

For the first time since Season 2, Mercedes Mason's Ofelia Salazar has finally returned to Fear the Walking Dead, only she doesn't exactly appear to be waving her protagonist flag very high. As is plainly obvious, Ofelia shows up during the trailer for just a brief second, but that's all it takes, as she's seen behind Michael Greyeyes' Walker, the Native American warrior introduced as this season's initial overarching villain. Does that mean she's a baddie now?

Not necessarily, at least in terms of our main characters. If Ofelia joined up with Walker at some point, only considering his goal of getting down and dirty with the doomsday-fearing Otto family and their cohorts, then it's hard to really peg her (or Walker) as a flat-out villain. It's only the presence of Madison's family that gives the Ottos any kind of positive push, and if Walker hadn't shot and killed Travis, even Madison might not be so pissed off. But the war is on, now, and viewers will have to wait and see which side Ofelia will fight for.

We haven't seen hair nor hide of Ofelia during the entirety of Season 3 so far, which has admittedly only been six episodes, and she had last showed up when Dayton Callie's Jeremiah Otto made his mysterious first appearance. But considering this season has already effectively brought back Rubén Blades' Daniel Salazar, it's kind of crazy that the daughter that continued on as a main character has been the absent character. Though she was initially presumed to be somewhere within the Otto compound, that clearly isn't the case. Ah, those crazy Salazars and their inability to not get caught up in horrible situations with deadly people who have little issue with piling up big body counts.

You can check out the full trailer for next week's two-hour midseason finale -- which combines the episodes "The Unveiling" and "Children of Wrath" -- below. Looks like it'll be a right good time.

Fear the Walking Dead will return next Sunday for its midseason finale on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET. To see what you can get busy with on the small screen while waiting for the season to pick back up, head to our summer premiere schedule.

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