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Watch Twin Brothers Stun America's Got Talent Judges With Singing And Dancing

Every week, America's Got Talent offers TV viewers a smorgasbord of interesting and oddball performers whose skill sets can range from expert archery to slight-of-hand illusions. On Tuesday night's show, audiences got to watch an unpredictable display of vocal and physical talents when a pair of twin brothers took the stage as Mirror Image. And it must be heard and seen for full amusement.

Right? RIGHT? That was a pretty impressive act by all means, from the 16-year-olds' lovely voices to their stylish (and other adjectives) dance moves. The self-titled "Wombmates" Colton and Trent Edwards say that they were made for singing and dancing on the grand stage, and while it's obvious that everyone at the judge's table is initially skeptical about what the brothers will get into, it's clear that the twins have something special going on to complement their depthless energy and drive. Points also go to Trent for giving the female judges some nice words, too, even if Howie Mandel accepted them.

Then, the magic happened, much to Heidi Klum's pleasure. The twins kicked things off with a pretty soulful verse from The Jackson 5's classic track "Who's Loving Who?" in which they got to show off their shared vocal chops. But then that iconic surfer guitar riff from "Misirlou" hits, and the Edwards brothers drop the mics and start showing off their high-energy dance routine. This is the best, truly, since the twins mixed obviously planned choreography with some good old fashioned frolicking and having fun. And I think we can all agree this was the punctuation mark on the whole act.

america's got talent mirror image

I admittedly expected the entire act to be like the mirror game that kids play. (Or that adults play while standing on opposite sides of the same doorway, possibly while drunk.) And they definitely did match up some of their moves together while facing each other, giving the slight impressive of being living reflections. But for the most part, they were happy to individually flaunt their agility all over the stage.

While you were probably paying the most attention to Mirror Image's act itself while watching the video, it's worth going back and staring at Simon Cowell's face throughout the whole thing. Right from the beginning, he seems as if he wouldn't even step on an elevator if Colton and Trent were the only others inside, as if he's looking at them from behind a laboratory window. Sure, he gets into it a time or two, but for so much of it, he's just sitting there, partially incredulous.

With other acts including a weirdo salad-crafting team and an amazing father-son acrobat act, America's Got Talent never fails to disappoint its massive audiences, and we can find it airing on NBC every Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. ET. Check out the bad news that hit a former AGT winner, and then to see everything else hitting the small screen in the near future, head to our summer TV premiere guide.

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