One Crazy America's Got Talent Team Got Naked For Their Strange Performance, Check It Out

You'll certainly see some crazy things when watching America's Got Talent. In recent memory we've seen a young ventriloquist with a phenomenal voice, a jaw dropping teen vocalist, and now this. These two men, who call themselves "Men With Pans," get naked and put on a hilariously strange performance that's as impressive as it is horrifying. Check it out below and continue on:

America's Got Talent has never seen something so stupid, weird, and impressive all at the same time. For an act that primarily consists of two men hiding their junk with kitchenware, there's some impressive choreography and acrobatics on display by "Men With Pans." There are few men that could lift another man above their head naked all while properly hiding their genitalia from the audience and the quick-to-fine FCC. Of course, it's doubtful NBC would've let this act run live considering the number of mishaps and lawsuits that could come from one dropped pan, but it's even a little surprising they let it run at all considering American network television's strong aversion to nudity.

This has to be some fake act designed specifically to draw audiences in to America's Got Talent right? Those questioning whether or not "Men With Pans," was legit prior to this performance may be shocked to learn there's footage of these guys doing the exact same act (with far less AGT censor bars) on French television two years ago. Let that number soak in as these guys have been dancing buck naked with pans and getting steady enough gigs that they can make a run of at least two years doing it!

Two years is shocking yes, but the truth of the matter is if you search "Men With Pans," under their French stage names "les hommes à poêles," the start of this naked chef slapstick travels back much further than their appearance on America's Got Talent. In fact, these two have been running a naked chef routine for nearly a decade, with their official website linking their origin all the way back into 2008! Kevin Brooking and Colm O' Grady have offered their services to street festivals, cabarets, and theaters. The naked pan dance is just one part of a show that can be up to 35 minutes in length. Here's another video of the two performing a different version of the act six years ago:

"Men With Pans" almost didn't progress to the next round, but judge Mel B. changed her X to a yes vote that will allow them to come back to the show. America's Got Talent is currently airing Tuesdays beginning at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. For a full list of programming and premiere dates for upcoming shows new and old, make sure to visit Cinemablend's summer premiere guide.

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