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Family Guy Paid Tribute To Adam West With An Epic Mayor West Video

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Family Guy paid tribute to late co-star Adam West by putting together an epic Mayor West video, and it's as hilarious as it is heartbreaking to think about. Check out the compilation below for some of West's best moments and continue reading:

Watching that Family Guy montage really shows just how much comedy Adam West brought to the series. Of course, a lot of the goofiness is rooted in the fact that West is playing himself, albeit a zanier and far more idiotic version. But as the compilation proves, it's a bit that somehow never got played out to the point that it ceased being enjoyable. With West still making appearances in upcoming episodes next season, fans still have yet to see how the show will cope with his loss going forward, although it's been stated that no one will come in to voice the character in West's place.

The death of Adam West will likely hit the show harder than other celebrity deaths, considering Mayor West was a longtime member of the series. With appearances in over 100 episodes as the non sequitur-espousing mayor of Quahog and his recorded episode count dwindling, the Family Guy team will have to make a decision sooner or later on whether to continue the character in some different form, or perhaps write his character off and introduce another city leader to the fold. It's possible Family Guy will introduce that solution midway through Season 16, which debuts in October, or they could push things further to Season 17 and deal with it then.

Whether Family Guy finds another celebrity mayor or just drops the character completely, it goes without saying the lack of Adam West will be felt all the same. With all the touching tributes and loving memories that have come from fans since his passing, it's hard to believe that West died only a month ago. Hopefully whatever decision Family Guy makes to honor their long time cast member is a respectful one considering the shows tendency to be irreverent, although this tribute and other words from creator Seth McFarlane appear to indicate they'll handle his official departure from the series in a respectful way.

Family Guy returns for Season 16 October 1st at 9 p.m. ET. For more on Adam West and his penchant for goofy humor, be sure to check out the ridiculous prank he played on people wishing to look him up in the phonebook. For a full list of summer shows returning and premiering, hit up our summer premiere guide.

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