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Smallville’s Tom Welling Is Joining Another Comic Book TV Show

tom welling in lucifer

Lucifer has had a lot of luck with its cast, pulling fan-favorites from a variety of shows to form the supernatural series on Fox. Kevin Alejandro came over from True Blood, Tricia Helfer made a name for herself on Battlestar Galactica, Rachael Harris hopped over from Suits and Lauren German got the gig after her run on Chicago Fire ended. Now, the show is adding another big name to its cast. Season 3 will see Smallville's Tom Welling join the cast.

Fox revealed this morning via a Comic-Con panel that Tom Welling is joining Lucifer. He's playing a character named Lieutenant Marcus Pierce, who will be part of the police force that Dan and Chloe work for. In fact, he's being brought in to shake things up a bit more between Lucifer and Chloe Decker, as the producers on the series describe the character as someone who is being brought in as a romantic interest for Chloe Decker. Fox also confirms that Marcus Pierce will be a character who is '"strategic, reserved and well-respected" -- all things Lucifer is not.

Lucifer and Chloe's relationship has been a key focal point since the beginning of the series. The will-they-or-won't-they aspect to the series obviously gives the show a lot of tension, but other than some jealousy between Lucifer and Chole's ex, Dan, there hasn't been a real romantic rival that Lucifer has had to deal with. With that in mind, Tom Welling is not a bad looking dude and clearly seems as if his character will have some additional traits Chloe will enjoy, so we can't wait to see how that particular storyline pans out. Currently, we don't know how long Welling's arc will be, but if it warrants a major announcement, we assume he'll be around for quite a while.

As for why the character of Lieutenant Marcus Pierce was added, Joe Henderson said that Lucifer has consistently striven to bring in characters, including Lucifer's mother, who will keep things spicy on the series. He noted at a Comic-Con panel:

A lot of the fun is bringing in a new chaos character that shakes things up. that's a similar thing that we're gonna do with Lieutenant Marcus Pierce. It's gonna be super fun because he's going to just poke holes into people, metaphorically. We're really excited because it's a character that's just going to blow stuff up.

Tom Welling is obviously most known for playing Superman on the long-running series Smallville and he really hasn't popped up back on television since that gig ended back in 2011. He had a TV project that didn't get picked up to series called Section 13, and he appeared in movies like The Choice and Draft Day, but Lucifer will mark his big TV return.

We won't have too long to wait before Tom Welling is back on the small screen, either. Fox has stated that Lucifer will be returning to the schedule on Monday, October 2 in a new timeslot at 8 p.m. ET. If you'd like to see what else is heading to TV in the coming months, take a look at our full schedule.

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