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The Hilarious Black Canary Accident That Never Made It In To Arrow's Blooper Reels

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Laurel Lance may be dead, but her spirit lives on both through Katie Cassidy playing her Earth-2 doppelganger Black Siren and the memories of some embarrassing moments on the set of Arrow. Cassidy took some time at SDCC to share one particularly hilarious blooper from her time as Black Canary in Season 3 that, unfortunately, never made the blooper reel. Our Head TV Editor Nick Venable was in attendance to take down what Cassidy said in the quote below:

In Season 3, we were doing these night scenes, and I have so much adrenaline rushing into it. I was supposed to take a punch and my stunt double was like, 'Make sure you go into it and give it all you've got. All this umph!' So I was like, 'Okay.' So I got to throw this punch and I threw it so hard that I actually belly-flopped, knocked myself over and belly-flopped onto the pavement. Luckily, I was as the Black Canary at the time, fully suited up, and so it was padded. So it didn't hurt at all. I was just hoping they'd make it at least into the bloopers, but I guess it didn't. It was really funny.

Not exactly the most graceful moment for Katie Cassidy, but hilarious and understandable all the same. Apparently, all those boxing lessons Laurel took from Wildcat in Arrow were all for show. Luckily, that superhero outfit she wore is real-life functional. If that suit was thick enough to make a self-body slam to the ground feel like no big deal, then it must have had crazy padding.

Katie Cassidy's on-set embarrassment as Black Canary is a far cry from her on-screen sister and White Canary Caity Lotz, who does many of her own fight scenes. The Legends Of Tomorrow actress has all the grace Cassidy lacked in her blooper moment (although few among us would probably fair much better), as much of what fans see of Sara Lance fighting is honest to goodness Lotz kicking ass. Perhaps Cassidy can learn a thing or two (if she hasn't already since Season 3 of Arrow) from watching Lotz in action in one of her videos.

Katie Cassidy will have a chance to redeem or top her super-punch-turned-belly-flop as Black Siren when Arrow returns October 12th at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Fans who have been iffy on tuning in for Season 6 of the series will be happy to learn that Stephen Amell is jazzed about it, and producer Marc Guggenheim assures fans they're gonna like one surprise in particular of the upcoming season. For a full look specifically at The CW's fall lineup, be sure to click here, and those wanting a much broader look at what the fall has to offer should visit our new fall premiere guide. All those still trying to find a hot show to follow as summer winds down still may do so via our summer premiere guide.

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