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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won The Temptation Competition And Who's Nominated

Big Brother deprived feed watchers from live feeds for most of Friday. The feeds went down for a competition earlier in the day, and didn't come back up until a little after eight PST. When the feeds returned, we learned that nominations have not taken place yet, but the Temptation Competition took place, and one houseguest has ensured their safety for the week.

Read no further if you don't want to be spoiled!

Here's what we know so far:

Head of Household:






Won the Temptation Competition:


Lost the Temptation Competition:

Jessica (Nominated)

It sounds like Josh is planning to put Mark and Elena up on the block as his two nominees, and this morning he told Christmas his real target was Elena. This was before the Temptation competition. He seems concerned about how far she could go in the game, and how well she's been able to work with people. Though he already told Mark he's going up as a pawn, he's also whispering (to himself) that he might need to put someone else up next to Elena to ensure Elena is the one to go on Thursday, so we'll see. Elena did not take the "you're just a pawn" assurance from Josh well. (Update: Nominations happened late Friday night. Josh went ahead and put Mark and Elena up on the block next to Jessica.)

When the feeds came back on after the Temptation Competition, Josh told Paul that he wants to get Elena out. Paul is already trying to talk Josh out of that plan, assuring him that Cody will be less of a threat without Jessica out of the house. It doesn't help Elena's case that she was on the wrong side of the vote when Ramses went home. She's one of the people who was on board to get Josh out, and he surely hasn't forgotten that.

Cody winning and Jessica losing the Temptation competition is an ideal situation for Jessica and Cody. One of them winning the competition and one of them losing it means that one can't be nominated as a replacement, and the other has the chance to play for Veto and possibly come down, in which case both would be safe. Either way, neither can be back doored.

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As of right now, between Josh's plan to target Elena, and Cody's safety, Jessica and Cody actually have a shot to make it through the week. Of course, that goes down the drain if Elena wins the Veto, or someone else does and saves her with it, as I'm not sure there's another target behind Elena for Josh. There's also the chance that Josh will cave to Paul's will and let the house send Jessica out regardless of whether or not Elena is still nominated come Thursday. But right now, Josh is literally whispering to the camera that he thinks Elena is lethal. She's playing the middle, and it's best for his game if Elena goes. He's hoping Paul will come around to his way of thinking.

It's too soon to know how things will play out. There's still the Veto. But if Josh does want Elena out, he only needs a handful of votes. From his conversation with Christmas earlier today, he would likely aim for Christmas, Kevin, Alex, Jason and Cody to vote to evict Elena. That would be enough to get the job done, but we'll have to wait and see how things transpire as the week goes on.

Will this be the week that the votes don't go Paul's way?