Is David Hasselhoff Going To Be In The Knight Rider TV Reboot? Here's What The Actor Says

David Hasselhoff Knight Rider

David Hasselhoff has experienced one of the most bizarre resurgences in recent memory. Between his role in the fourth Sharknado film, his cameo in Baywatch, and (most importantly) he brief role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the former 1980s superstar has been introduced to an entirely new generation of fans. With that in mind, when asked whether or not he would return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hasselhoff played coy. But he did eventually go on to say that he is involved in the upcoming reboot of Knight Rider. The actor said:

I'm on a nice ride. If the ride ends today, the ride ends today. If it goes on --- and I think it might go on with another show that we just talked about --- then I would welcome that. So we'll see what happens with fate. . . . [It's] nothing I can talk about now, but it starts with Knight and it ends with Rider.

So we can neither confirm or deny if David Hasselhoff will return to Marvel's blockbuster franchise, but his involvement in the Knight Rider reboot sounds like a fantastic consolation prize. Catapulting the actor to stardom back in the 1980s, Knight Rider centered on a tech genius named Michael Knight who used an artificially intelligent and virtually indestructible car named KITT to fight crime. It is one of those quintessentially 1980s premises, and the series remains a cultural touchstone to this very day, becoming the recipient of homages and parodies in everything from Family Guy to Adult Swim's Robot Chicken.

The Knight Rider reboot has had longtime fans of the property very excited for the last year. Not much is currently known about the project, other than the fact that it will take the form of a digital series collaboration between Machinima and the Fast and Furious franchise's Justin Lin. The Hoff didn't specify if he will be involved in front of the camera, or behind the scenes, but honestly, we don't care. All we know for sure is this: with Hasselhoff involved in the project; we can at least confirm that it will likely be dripping with nostalgia in every single frame.

The Hoff's comments to Yahoo! Movies about his role in the Knight Rider reboot will go a long way towards instilling confidence in the project. The franchise received a similar reboot on network television almost a decade ago and only ran for roughly 18 episodes before receiving the ax. Hasselhoff only appeared in a single episode, and thus the series never really achieved its full potential.

CinemaBlend will keep you up to date with any and all relevant developments related to the Knight Rider reboot (as well as David Hasselhoff's involvement in the project) as more information becomes available to us. For now, take a glance at our summer TV premiere guide for more details on the major small screen releases before fall rolls around.

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