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Josh may be Head of Household in the Big Brother house this week, but who's really running this show? We have the update on who's nominated, who won (and lost) the Temptation competition, and most recently, who won the Veto. Read no further if you don't want to be spoiled!

Here's how things are shaking out in the house right now...

Head of Household:






Won the Temptation Competition:


Lost the Temptation Competition:


Won the Veto:


Cody won himself safety this week with the Temptation Competition, but wasn't able to win the same for his showmance. Jessica lost the Temptation competition, so she was nominated by default next to Mark and Elena. Christmas used her Veto replacement hex-thingy to keep Cody from being able to play for this week's Veto. The feeds went down on Saturday evening, and came back up to reveal that Mark has won the Veto.

As of yesterday, Josh seemed determined to target Elena. He put her on the block next to Mark. Jessica was also nominated after losing the Temptation competition. But it was far from a sure thing as to whether or not Josh would have enough votes to get Elena out. He certainly didn't have Paul's support on the matter, and as we've seen all season, Paul's support goes a long way when it comes to the votes.

The tides may have turned against Jessica today. Not only did she not win the Veto, but after conversations with Paul and Christmas, Josh seems to be leaning back toward getting Jessica out. Christmas seemed to be supportive of Josh targeting Elena, but when she and Paul were talking to Josh today, she brought up the argument that Josh should be taking into consideration who he wants on the jury. Frankly, I don't think Josh would be Elena's top pick if he's at the end, though it's obviously too far off to really think about. But Jessica and Cody on the jury together would likely mean two votes for or against him. Probably against. Again, too soon to say, but given his behavior with them, Elena's probably a safer bet.

So either Josh has changed his mind, or he's letting his fellow houseguests thinks he has. It probably didn't help that Jessica hasn't been all that willing to warm up to Josh since he's become Head of Household. The two did have a conversation earlier, but if she was trying to win him over or assure Josh that she wasn't holding any grudges, she didn't do the best job. Not that we can fault her if she doesn't like or trust him, but given the position she's in, her best possible bet would've been to assure him there were no hard feelings, and that if she stayed, she and Cody would be on his side. She did hug him after the conversation (when he asked for a hug), but I didn't get the sense Josh felt all that certain about where he stood with her. Between that and Josh's conversation with Paul and Christmas, it really does seem like he's leaning back toward letting Jessica go.

To further support that, Christmas used her temptation to keep Cody from playing Veto. Earlier she was saying she wanted to hold off on using it. It was Paul that was bringing it up as an option. The fact that she used it suggests she too would rather target Jessica this week. After all, if Cody or Jessica were to win the Veto and take Jessica off the block, there would be no replacement nominee. So the only reason to keep Cody from playing would be to keep Jessica on the block. There's nothing else at risk.

It's still too early in the week to know for sure what's going to happen. Mark's already saying he's planning on using the Veto to take himself off. Assuming he does, Josh will have to put up a replacement. As of right now, it seems like the plan is to send Jessica out, but there's still plenty of time this week for things to change.

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