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Warning: spoilers ahead for Episode 6 of Game of Thrones Season 7, "Beyond the Wall."

Only one episode is left in Season 7 of Game of Thrones, and there are still a bunch of loose ends that need to be tied off. The shortened episode count of Season 7 means that there will probably be some questions that go unanswered until Season 8 picks up (hopefully) next year. We have many months of wondering, theorizing, and hunting for spoilers ahead of us, but hopefully there are some things that will be settled by the end of Sunday's finale. Here are our picks for seven moments that we really need to see in the big finale.

game of thrones beyond the wall the wall

The Wall Coming Down

For the past seven seasons, the growing threat of the White Walkers and their army of wights has felt less pressing than all the civil wars for one big reason: the Wall has remained standing. The Night King can assemble as large an army of undead as he wants; it doesn't matter so long as the gigantic Wall, with its magical fortifications, is still intact. We know the Great War is coming, which means that the White Walkers will need to get past the Wall's boundaries. Sure, they could do something anticlimactic like walk around the Wall via ice at the coast off Eastwatch or breach one of the Night's Watch gates, but the Wall falling would be an amazing way to end a season. Besides, now that the Night King has a dragon of his own, it's perfectly possible.

game of thrones jon snow hbo

Jon Learning The Truth

The big reveal to the audience that Jon is almost certainly (although not yet explicitly) the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen came in the Season 6 finale; the big reveal to Jon should come in the Season 7 finale. The first six episodes of the season have been dropping clue after clue that the truth will come out, ranging from Gilly inadvertently discovering Rhaegar's marriage to Lyanna to Jon somehow taming Drogon without really trying. Beric Dondarrion even mentioned in "Beyond the Wall" that Jon doesn't look like Ned. Game of Thrones really shouldn't drag the secret out for yet another hiatus. Even if it's a cliffhanger and we don't get to see Jon's reaction, we deserve to know that he finally learned the truth.

game of thrones dagger bran arya winterfell

The Dagger Coming Into Play

The catspaw dagger has been changing hands since almost the very beginning of the series. It made its first appearance in the hands of a would-be assassin attempting to kill Bran, then went to Catelyn and ended up with Littlefinger until Season 7, when he gave it to Bran, who then gave it to Arya. As of the end of "Beyond the Wall," Sansa is the Stark in possession of the Valyrian steel dagger, having received it after Arya finished not-so-subtly threatening her life. The finale needs to pay off on all the attention the dagger has been getting in Season 7. By all rights, somebody should stick the pointy end into Littlefinger, but it could also be useful against a White Walker thanks to its Valyrian properties. Hopefully the Stark sisters just don't end up stabbing each other.

game of thrones jon snow arya stark season 1 hbo

Jon And Arya's Reunion

Jon and Arya have been presented as two of the closest of Ned's kids, but they haven't seen each other since way back in Season 1, when Arya was still an adorable little tomboy and before Jon discovered the merits of pulling his hair back. While almost all of the other surviving Stark kids have reunited at Winterfell by this point, Jon and Arya still haven't crossed paths. Given what Bran knows about Jon's origin, the reunion between Jon and Bran might be more important to the overall plot of the series. Still, the Starks don't get a lot in the way of happiness in this series, and a Jon/Arya reunion could provide some levity in the North.

game of thrones season 7 dany hbo

Dany Naming A Successor

In "Beyond the Wall," we learned for the first time that Dany doesn't believe she can physically have children. Tyrion raised the issue when he was trying to motivate Dany to name a successor to the Iron Throne in the event of her death. Dany understandably refused to consider a successor to the Iron Throne before she actually won the throne, but it must be on her mind now that Tyrion has brought it up. Her bonding with Jon at the end of the episode combined with the facts that he gave up his claim as King of the North and will inevitably be revealed as her blood nephew makes Jon a likely choice for successor. Now that the issue has been raised, it should be addressed in the finale.

game of thrones beyond the wall wight

Cersei Meeting A Wight

After all the effort that Jon and Co. put in to retrieve a wight in "Beyond the Wall," they really need to finish their mission and present a wight to Cersei. In fact, Cersei needs to meet the specific wight that they were lugging around the deep north for the better part of the episode. Thoros of Myr, Viserion, and a few valiant wildlings died to retrieve that wight; Cersei needs to lay eyes on that wight and realize what's up beyond the Wall. The trailer for the finale indicates that she'll meet with Jon and others of Dany's crew in King's Landing; hopefully Jon dragged the wight with him.

game of thrones season 2 cersei tyrion hbo

A Lannister Family Reunion

Jon and Arya aren't the only siblings who need to reunite sooner rather than later. Tyrion and Cersei haven't seen each other in a while, and they should have some pretty interesting things to say. Cersei recently discovered that it was Olenna Tyrell rather than Tyrion who arranged Joffrey's death, but we probably shouldn't expect much of an apology from her. We already got a reunion between Tyrion and Jaime; we deserve to see one between Cersei and Tyrion, and they'll be closer in proximity in the Season 7 finale than they've been in years. While there may not be time for too much of a reunion, there could surely be a few moments to spare for Tyrion to have a WTF reaction to the news that Cersei is pregnant (or so she says) with one of Jaime's kids again. Bring on the reunion!

The Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones will air on Sunday, August 27 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in Game of Thrones coverage, and be sure to check out our fall TV premiere schedule for your post-Thrones viewing options. Let us know on the next page which of these moments you guys want to see the most.

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