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simon the walking dead

When they aren't covered in dirt and blood, most of The Walking Dead's main characters have been able to solidify a recognizable and signature look for themselves, from Daryl's biker-ish garb to Negan's leather jacket to Michonnes dreads. In the case of the Saviors' V.P. of intimidation Simon, I think we can all agree it's the mustache that stands out. Simon portrayer Steven Ogg spoke with CinemaBlend about the recently released Season 7 Blu-rays, and when I asked about keeping that 'stache looking so sharp in the post-apocalypse, he blew my mind by saying he wants to shave it off.

It's amazing. I'm often amazed at that world, how everyone is so deliciously coifed. And that mustache. What I would love is for Simon to have his head shaved and his mustache gone. I feel like the mustache is becoming the thing. It's like now that Abraham's gone, there's gotta be a big mustache in town, and I'm now the big mustache dude. I'm like, can we shave him? Let's have a big shaving montage.

To borrow and adapt a coin of phrase that Norman Reedus' fanbase has been chanting for years now: "If Simon shaves, we riot!"

Okay, so maybe rioting isn't the most realistic course of action to take in the event of Simon taking scissors and a razor to his own head, but I don't think sitting back and quietly accepting it is the most ideal response either. Granted, it's likely not to happen, since there's not much of a reason for it to go down beyond Steven Ogg's general wishes. But I'm keeping my trepidation in my back pocket, just in case.

Steven Ogg is a hilarious dude, and has been quite the prankster during his time on The Walking Dead, so it's certainly possible that he's not truly aiming to shave his entire head while serving as a menacing threat to Rick & Co. After all, we'll be seeing lots more from Simon in Season 8, and while his tall stature and his steely eyes would always be enough to strike fear into others, there's something about that particular mustache-and-hair combo that adds to his unpredictable nature. Although I guess if he didn't have eyebrows, it'd be harder to tell when he was mad...

For what it's worth, Steven Ogg's speculative shaving montage wouldn't exactly feel far out of place within The Walking Dead. After all, one of the show's more memorable character transitions came in Season 5, when Rick finally lopped off his big bushel of beardness. And then in Season 7, we got to see Simon's big bossman Negan taking a straight razor to his own face, to clean up in anticipation of his big "family dinner" in Alexandria. Maybe Simon is jealous of having a face that's as smooth as Baby Judith's bottom. Maybe not.

While Negan's is the only big shaving moment to look forward to in the past season, there's a lot more to keep fans busy in The Walking Dead: The Complete Seventh Season Blu-ray and DVD sets, which came out this past Tuesday, August 22. The discs are stocked with a slew of behind-the-scenes featurettes, informative commentary tracks, and an assortment of deleted and alternate scenes that will offer up new details for past episodes.

Somebody keep all the razors away from The Walking Dead set, so that we can watch Simon's mustache anew when Season 8 kicks off on AMC on Sunday, October 22, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Check out why Steven Ogg loves Simon's non-comic origin, as well as how he'd feel about taking on The Joker for the new origin story. For everything else hitting the small screen in the near future, our fall premiere schedule will do the trick.

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