As Season 7 of Game of Thrones has shown, no one is ever safe from getting killed off. That said, we have a list of folks that have some good odds of surviving right past the series finale, although nothing is ever certain. Check out our picks for the 10 Game of Thrones characters most likely to survive the show, and see if your favorites made the list.


Of all the people on this list, Gilly seems the most likely to survive the final stretch of Game of Thrones. Simply put, she's just important enough for the story to reference her and the audience to care about her, but not so important that the showrunners would go out of their way to tie up any loose ends with her character with so much to cover already. Gilly's greatest strength towards survival is her insignificance to the central plot, although she did give fans that nice little tidbit potentially regarding Jon Snow, so it's not as though she's completely meaningless.

Then again, Gilly is traveling with Sam away from the Citadel, and there's a good chance wherever they're headed with all those stolen books will get dicey. If they do, hopefully, those books contain some secrets that make short work of White Walkers or whatever comes their way, because nobody in that wagon is well equipped for fighting.

Arya Stark

It's really tough to argue which of the surviving Stark siblings has had the rougher go of it, but there's no questioning that Arya has fought more than most to still be alive today. Her skills learned from the Faceless Men have served her well in exacting revenge against everyone who wronged her, and they'll continue to serve her well as she'll undoubtedly come into contact with enemies both living and undead. Put simply, Arya is too much of a bad ass to just drop dead this late in Game of Thrones, and if she does die, it'll have to happen in some spectacular fashion.

That's all provided Arya isn't already dead, though, as there have been theories that the real Arya is dead and who fans see right now is actually The Waif. This theory seems unlikely, considering Arya still seems motivated by her list, and The Waif doesn't have any clear reasons for those killings unless she has some ulterior motive. Other than that, Arya seems to be a solid lock for survival.

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