One Once Upon A Time Actor Would Be Down To Return To The Show

Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff

Continuing to produce long running TV dramas is no easy task. Writers can grow tired, actors want to move on, and overall its easy for shows to jump the shark at around the time of Season 5. And then there's ABC's Once Upon a Time, which is changing all the rules and expectations. Because after six seasons of Storybrooke's characters and adventures, this year will bring a soft reboot of the series with an almost entirely new cast of actors. It seems that most of the cast has washed their hands clean of OUAT, although Crazy Ex-Girlfriend actor Scott Michael Foster seems down to return as Kristoff.

I recently had the chance to speak with Scott Michael Foster about his role in the upcoming third season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. During our conversation I asked if he'd liked to reprise his role in Once Upon a Time, and he said:

Absolutely. In fact, the actor playing older Henry is Andrew West, who was on Greek with me years ago. And married to Amber Stevens who was Ashley on Greek. So I would love to go back and play around with those guys. They seem to keep adding my friends to the show, so that's fine with me. I'd love to go back.

Well, that's one part of the Frozen cast that would be down for a reprise. Now we just need to get Elsa and Anna on board and we can head back to Arendelle.

While it's unlikely that Scott Michael Foster will be appearing in Once Upon a Time anytime soon, the viewers would no doubt appreciate to see some familiar faces when the series returns for Season 7. The concept of letting go almost the entire starring cast is no doubt giving the fandom pause about the future of the series they've been following for the past six years. And while the biggest characters aren't going to be showing back up anytime soon, perhaps some of the many tertiary figures can arrive when an adult Henry inevitably travels back to Storybrooke.

For those who don't remember, Scott Michael Foster's Kristoff was a recurring character in Once Upon a Time's fourth season. Fresh after the massive popularity of Disney's Frozen, the ABC fantasy series decided to adapt those characters in live-action form on the show. Kristoff is Anna's love interest in both the movie and TV series, and he aids the two sisters in their adventures across Arendelle.

It would definitely be great to see Scott Michael Foster play Kristoff again, although his contract with The CW might prevent him from doing so. Last year he was promoted to a series regular on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and will have a more substantial role in its upcoming third season.

Season 3 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will premiere on October 13, 2017 on The CW, and you can catch Once Upon a Time starting October 6th over at ABC. Be sure to check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

Corey Chichizola
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