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Following up on Thursday night's cliffhanger (or bun-hanger) live episode of Big Brother, a new Head of Household was crowned, and as of Friday evening, two houseguests were nominated for eviction. We have the details from the live feeds, so if you're trying to avoid spoilers, turn back now!

Ok, here's how things are shaking out so far this week in the Big Brother house...

Head of Household:





Veto played?

Not yet

Big Brother matt raven

As we reported on Thursday night, Jason won the endurance competition, and is the current Head of Household. And just as Paul planned, in the event that either Alex or Jason won Head of Household, Matt and Raven would be the target. Matt and Raven think Kevin is the target, so they're relatively calm about being nominated so far. Kevin may end up going up as a pawn, should Matt or Raven win the Veto, but the odds are high right now that this showmance will be broken up by week's end. I believe Matt is the primary target, if he and Raven are still on the block together on Thursday.

I'll insert the traditional but practically arbitrary disclaimer here that it's early in the week and things could change. The thing is, much hasn't changed from target to eviction this season. What Paul wants, Paul gets.

As you may recall, Alex and Jason cast votes against Matt during Thursday's eviction. The houseguests were all trying to figure out who cast the two votes against Matt. Jason says he told Kevin he cast the vote. And I'm not sure if Alex even realized she cast the other one, as she was telling Paul and Jason that it wasn't her, but then later said it might've been. It's entirely possible she just said the wrong name during the vote. I can't count the number of times I've almost referred to Matt as Mark or vice versa while writing these updates. It's frustratingly easy mistake to make. But during the vote? Yikes, Alex. So did she make a mistake, or did she lie? Perhaps her diary rooms will clear the situation up.

While Paul seems keen on getting Matt or Raven out this week, he hasn't lost sight of Alex and Jason as targets. They're winning competitions, which could present a problem for Paul as numbers dwindle.

Alex didn't help her cause when she demanded "safety and a jury vote" numerous times from Jason during the final moments of Thursday's Head of Household competition. Not only was it unnecessary to make such a demand from her closest friend in the house, but she was also vocalizing a topic that's somewhat taboo in this game. Yes, you should absolutely do jury management throughout the Big Brother game. But to openly beg for a jury vote in front of half a dozen competitors is a bold move, and will surely provide Paul additional fuel when the time to start campaigning against Alex.

Alex and Jason could be in trouble after Thursday, assuming Alex doesn't secure Head of Household.

Big Brother Season 19 is very obviously the Paul show at this point. As frustrating as that might be to many viewers, it's impossible to deny that he's playing the game. He's got the whole house targeting each other, and so far there hasn't been any real movement against him from the remaining houseguests. They all believe they're playing with him, that they want and need him to go to the end, and that they're his primary alliance. It's bizarre, and honestly kind of fascinating.

Tree of Temptation

Finally, and hilariously most uneventfully, the Tree of Temptation lit up again today and guess what? No one picked one. So much for the temptations being even remotely tempting to these houseguests right now. It surely doesn't help production that every houseguest thinks they're safe this week. Again, hat tip to Paul.

For those curious about the Big Brother live feeds, they come included with CBS All Access, CBS's streaming service. More info on the free trial offer here.

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