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Barry And Joe The Animated Series Adam Reid

Barry and Joe are getting a spinoff, and no, we aren't referring to the characters from The Flash. Instead, a group of individuals have been hustling to pitch an animated series featuring former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden traveling through time, and now it's actually looking like it could happen. Here's what we know about Barry & Joe- The Animated Series and how its recent success in crowd funding may ensure audiences get to actually see this crazy idea on their televisions.

In a true story of crowdfunding success, the Kickstarter for Barry & Joe- The Animated Series managed to raise $107,904 thanks to the help of 1,753 backers. Perhaps even more impressive is that 48 hours before the campaign ended, the project only had $75,000 raised. It appears as though there are a few seemingly affluent people out there who want to see Barack Obama and Joe Biden back in action, although the tease of this series being essentially a parody of Quantum Leap could also be enough to loosen up some wallets. Per their Kickstarter, the money raised will be used to produce a pilot episode, which will then be shopped to networks in hopes of obtaining a full series order.

The full story of Barry & Joe- The Animated Series will have Barack Obama and Joe Biden traveling through time with the aid of popular scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson in an attempt to rewrite moments in history. In a plot very similar to, but not entirely the same as Quantum Leap, both men are sent to the past and awaken to find themselves in their younger bodies. The two are then driven to find each other, and together, attempt to change history for the better.

Current President Donald Trump is mentioned as being in the potential series, although considering he's not a fan of his Saturday Night Live portrayals, he probably won't be too fond of the comparison of his character to Inspector Gadget's Doctor Claw. If it isn't evident by that prior sentence, the creators of Barry & Joe- The Animated Series have made it pretty clear Conservative and Republican audiences may not enjoy this show as much as Last Man Standing. If it's any consolation for that crowd, it's worth mentioning that this project has only crowd-funded enough money for a pilot and will need a network to pick it up for a full series to happen, so it's possible this effort may be short lived.

As the project is still in the early stages of development, there's really no telling when to expect Barry & Joe- The Animated Series. The good news is, there are so many great shows about to be on television within the next month that audiences will have plenty to look forward to while this project is being made. For a full list of shows coming in the next couple months, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.