Killjoys Is Ending On Syfy, But It's Not All Bad News

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Syfy has announced its series Killjoys is coming to an end, but it's not all bad news for fans of this series. Syfy announced ahead of last night's Season 3 finale that the show would come to an end, but not before getting two more seasons to bring things to a close. Here's the latest on the announcement, and just how long fans can expect to see new episodes of Killjoys for.

Syfy says that Killjoys will get two more seasons to finish out its story, and that in total that means there will be twenty episodes before the series draws to a close. Broken up, that's the same 10 episode count that's been granted to the series for the past three seasons, and an opportunity that creator Michelle Lovretta seems to be not taking for granted. Lovretta says the renewal will allow she and the staff the opportunity to plan Killjoys endgame and wrap up their story involving the bounty hunters Dutch, John, and D'avin in a cohesive fashion.

Killjoys getting a guaranteed endgame is good news for fans, who seem very excited about where the story is headed following Season 3's finale on Friday. A Syfy series getting a chance to finish its arc is not often guaranteed, as evidenced by the networks past or its other recent announcement that Dark Matter would not be returning. But Syfy has had recent success with other shows lately, so perhaps that trend could fade away in the future. The route taken for Killjoys ending is kind of similar to the route the network went with in announcing the end of 12 Monkeys, which is announcing the series is ending, but not before new episodes arrive. Ultimately, it makes the pill a little less bitter to swallow for science fiction fans, rather than the often seen abrupt cancellation of a series with no resolve or warning.

That said, the generous two season extension leading to a finale isn't being announced as a cancellation of Killjoys, as the Season 3 finale and quotes from those involved seem to indicate the end of the series was in sight anyway. With Season 4 set to begin in 2018, fans presumably have until at least 2019 to say goodbye to the show, which is a long time to wait. Hopefully, the final two seasons live up to the first three, which have gotten some positive reception from the critics who have stuck with it.

As mentioned, Season 4 of Killjoys is set to air in 2018 on Syfy. Show quality on the network appears to be on the uptick, as the network recently ordered a pilot from a series based on the works of George R.R. Martin. For more on television appearing this fall on Syfy or other television networks, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.

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