Summer 2017 has been notable for myriad reasons, although many of them were overwhelmingly negative in nature. And while people definitely weren't flocking to the nearest theater to take in this year's lackluster blockbusters, many appeared to find solace in watching everything the small screen had to offer by way of escapism. In a television-scape where linear viewerships and ratings are generally dipping -- thanks to the expanding variety of ways for people to watch -- some summer shows managed to bring in bigger audiences than past seasons.

Without further ado, let's dig into the 10 most-watched shows of Summer 2017, according to Indiewire, with Live+3 incorporated. Note that some series that pop up here air multiple nights per week, and so we went with the most-watched night in figuring out their places; otherwise, we would have been looking at quite a few repeat entries here. Compiling those weekly averages together to calculate proper placements would have led to the same results for two of the shows, and for transparency's sake, our 10th place entry wouldn't have made it as high if both of its nights were considered. (Each night is listed for those entries, also.) Now let's kick things off with a show that made headlines for a lot more than just ratings.

10. Bachelor In Paradise

Anyone familiar with Bachelor in Paradise knows that it's a show where most of the cast tends to get drunk and hook up a lot, but the production process for Season 4 was immediately derailed after just such a series of events. But even though an investigation into DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios' coupling revealed no intentional wrong-doing, the semi-scandal's high-profile delay brought even more attention to the show than it might have gotten otherwise, and the producers have predictably been milking it as much as possible. Whatever gets people watching four hours of Bachelor In Paradise programming a week. (Season 4 isn't over yet, so it's possible the average below could get even bigger in the end.)

Average Total Viewers: 5.77 million/Monday (4.90 million/Tuesday)

9. American Ninja Warrior

After eight seasons of watching so many impressive athletes fail to conquer the various stages of American Ninja Warrior's daunting course, one might think that TV audiences would tire of such things, but that's definitely not the case. For one, this is the kind of show where watching botched attempts has its own intrinsic entertainment value, and two, there's no lack of viewer anticipation in seeing how far "the next contestant" will go, especially since everyone's attempts have only gotten more impressive (on average) with each season that goes by. All that's left to see from Season 9 are a few weeks of the Las Vegas Finals, so hopefully fans will get to see something they're never seen before.

Average Total Viewers: 6.44 million

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