Watch Celebrity Family Feud Get Derailed By An Answer No One Understands

Family Feud is always good for a few laughs, especially with host Steve Harvey in charge of the festivities. The most recent celebrity show provided even more laughs than usual, though, when an answer came up that no one could make heads or tails of. Take a look.

OK, This video of what might be the most confusing answer to ever show up on the board in Family Feud turned up on the game's YouTube page. The round started off well enough, the teams managed to get two answers on the board to the question of what might ruin a kiss, but then actor Jaleel White misses getting his answer on the board. Of course, host Steve Harvey asks to have the remaining answers uncovered, and that's when things go all, well, "booty tooty."

Apparently, the audience survey for the question brought up "booty tooty" as an answer for something that could ruin a kiss. And, as is brilliantly evidenced by the above video, the contestants and host were quite flummoxed as to what, exactly, that could even be. Actually, the audience seemed to be pretty confused by the answer, also. I love how, when the words show up on the board, pretty much everyone says in unison, "A booty tooty?" The looks on their faces also go a long way toward explaining how confusing the phrase is for them:

A chorus of "Can you elaborate, Steve?" and "Do you have an explanation for that, Steve?" and a couple of plain "What is that?" questions followed, because, well, what the hell is a booty tooty? I actually love the part where Jaleel White raises his hand, to cut through all the random questions coming from every corner, in order to get Steve Harvey's attention. White, quite reasonably, wants to know how his answer of chapped lips wasn't included, while booty tooty was, especially since no one can seem to figure out what it is, or how it would ruin a kiss.

But, that's when Steve Harvey really turns on the comedy. "The entire minority population is confused," he notes. "The blacks and browns have come together, finally. And, looking at the rest of my audience out here, white people don't know what the hell that is, either. Don't none of us know what the hell booty tooty is." Finally, after the roar of laughter dies down, Harvey actually takes a comment from the audience, and we finally find out that, apparently, booty tooty is code for fart, at least according to the teenage white girl who solved the problem for everyone.

Well, I know we're all glad that this mystery has been solved. I mean, really, we can all use more ways to say that someone farted, right? Plus, we can legitimately say that Celebrity Family Feud is a learning experience this way. So, you know, everyone wins.

Adrienne Jones
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