Watch One Of Family Feud's Most Morbid Answers In This Hilarious Video

Game shows that put contestants on the spot in high-stakes situations often get out of hand pretty quickly, and usually to great hilarity. Rounds of Family Feud can definitely get interesting as contestants make guesses that are crazily creative, uncomfortably personal, and/or just flat out wrong. One contestant avoided spilling personal details to Steve Harvey in her round of the game, but she got seriously morbid while doing it. Prepare yourself for something morbidly entertaining and check it out!

Kudos to contestant D'Juana for not batting an eyelash as she gave her morbid answer to the question of what Grandma would tell Grandpa not to do in front of the grandkids. She had to think outside of the box once the more obvious answers like "cuss" and "pick his nose" were already taken, and it's a pretty valid response! I'm not sure that all grandmothers would necessarily think to warn their husbands against dying in front of any youngsters, but it's good advice. Best to avoid traumatizing grandkids by dying in front of them!

Unfortunately, the people surveyed for Family Feud that day didn't seem to agree with D'Juana's assessment of something Grandma would tell Grandpa not to do in front of the grandkids. Still, even if it was a wrong answer, at least it gave Steve Harvey something hilarious to act out. His performance as a grandmother married to the unfortunate Hector -- who was either dead or sleeping -- is worth rewatching a few times. It's certainly an easier performance to figure out than the time he pretended to be wearing a particular personal item around his neck at a club.

I'm not sure what Family Feud would be today without Steve Harvey and his antics, all things considered. He can turn even the most uninteresting answers into a funny little mini sketch at the drop of a hat, and he can transform moments that would be painfully awkward into fantastically funny jokes. It's not really that surprising that Family Feud has hit a major milestone with him as host.

It's hard to rank ridiculous moments on Family Feud, but I think the morbid answer in this video is going to go down as one of my favorites. While I'll always be partial to that time Steve Harvey thought somebody said "He ate spaghetti on a Monday!" instead of something that made much more sense, and it's still mind-boggling that Snoop Dog lost a category about marijuana on the celebrity edition, Grandma telling Grandpa not to die may go down as a classic.

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